⛽️ New Episode of The Knowledge - Fuel for the Fire Part 1: Pre-workout Fueling Strategies

It’s chow time. In this episode, Wahoo sports scientists Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin tuck into pre-workout fueling strategies. They break down how your body breaks down what you put into it, what to eat, and the best time to fuel before your workout to ensure that you get the most out of your training.

Listen to this episode here - https://the-knowledge-by-wahoo-sports-science.simplecast.com/episodes/part-1-fueling


Can someone comment on quantity of pre-workout nutrition?
Type, and time was covered, but, how do you match calories??? Other way to quantify?
Pre-workout do you consume 50%, 60%, ? of expected calorie burn?

I was amazed about the advice on avoiding taking high GI food 30-40 mins prior to a race. I’ve taken a gel (and seen many others too) while preparing the bike etc for a race but looks like I might have been robbing myself of some performance. Will definitely be reconsidering pre-race fuelling when I get back to racing.

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For high intensity exercise carbs are key. A common intake method I’ve seen work for people without the need to much specific gastrointestinal training is 1 gram of carbs for every kilogram of body weight in the meal you have several hour prior to your training session or event