My thoughts on Systm after a week and a bit

I gotta be honest, so far i actually like the new platform. The new strength plans are great. There’s more workouts and they are more transparent, so as well as more plans available to meet your needs, it’s also easier to self program. I was pretty pumped about that. Similarly there’s a greater variety of the plans that i care bout most (i.e. offroad), so greater chance to find something that meets your needs.

Regarding some of the videos being nerfed, honestly it’s probably a good thing. Proper endurance training, there’s a lot of debate about things like, tempo vs. intensity, how many hard trainigns per week for the time crunched, etc. but most of the difference here is marginal: most benefits come from consistency and progressive overload, and those are easier to achieve when you’re not regularly over-extending. I think if you’re doing it right, then more often than not, yo ushould feel good. Not amazing, not perfect (save that for peaking), but pretty good and not, for example, sore for days after a workout. I think back to my rowing days where we had epic workouts like 25x500meters, all out, and they were great bonding and great memories but they probably weren’t the best way to train, day in and day out. It’s easy to get caught up in this attitude like you should be completely destroyed after every workout but i’m not sure that’s actually the case, even for hard days.

Here are some suggestions to help smooth the transition: maybe include the original versions of the sufferfest workouts, and special sufferfest badges you can collect by completing all of them. Keep sufferfest brand around as sort of a “club within the club,” so that people still have that thing to keep the emotional connection to.


forgot to add, definitely some teething issues (for example, i have a legacy plan stuck on my calendar that i no longer want and can’t remove) but ovearll nothing too terrible, at least as far as i’ve seen.

I’m about to go make use of the new granularity / visibility for strength workouts, and do a quick full body break from work. I’ve been doing a thing where im’ in the gym lifting one day a week, doing a full-body focus SUF strength session once per week. Once we get closer to the season, the gym day will switch from 8ish-rep ranges to 3ish, and the SUF session will switch to dynamic focus. Fun stuff!

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I paid for an annual SF subscription about 2 months ago partially on the promise of the SF Android app so I’m obviously going to ‘suffer’ until my subscription expires but I think by that time I’ll have seen and done all the SF has to offer. I think the problem for me is that I was invested in Sufferlandria even as a newcomer, The Sufferfest was a weird club I really wanted to be part of, I liked telling people I was ‘doing The Sufferfest’ it made me stupidly proud, it made me work harder. Yes, the videos are still there as many KoS will pop up and no doubt point out but it’s very clearly being phased out otherwise why did they bother to change the intros? There was absolutely no need to do that if the SF was just going to become a part of Systm. Mount Sufferlandria has gone, the bleeding eyes have gone, the whole glorious ridiculousness of ‘suffering’ is being dialled down, the goat is getting nervous I’d guess.

I get why they changed the branding, I do, but I just don’t feel the same about SYSTM because it isn’t glorious or ridiculous and it doesn’t inspire, well, anything because it isn’t a club I can really feel involved in, I’m completely ambivalent towards it, it’s just a platform, an OK platform for sure, but it just doesn’t have that hook the The Sufferfest brand had for me and I think there’s probably better offerings out there for me once I’ve experienced the SF content that’s left here.

I would’ve had more respect for Wahoo if they’d just shut SF down completely to be honest rather than trying to maintain that it’s “just an update, nothing’s changed” which I find a little bit disingenuous although I guess they didn’t want to refund subs and needed an initial captive audience if only to test their new Systm servers. I’m sure Wahoo’ll get lots of new subscribers and honestly, good luck to them, I just don’t think as it stands Systm has much to set it apart from other platforms and unless there’s some MAJOR SF content drops I think I’ll probably migrate elsewhere when my renewal comes around but I’ve still got 10months of suffering ahead of me, so, we’ll see I suppose.

Dead on. I agree. And although I agree with what you’ve written before this quote too I think it’s less important to me (which brings me to another realization - below). I spent the next two weeks after Sept 28 launch pretty much pissed and constructing many emails saying many things but never writing them as I saw people pile up on the side of all the great new advancements of SYSTM. I, like you, am looking at letting my annual SUF run out for the reasons you’ve stated.

My realization is there’s two crowds here - those predominately focused on the tech (android, calendar, app functionality etc) side and those predominately focused on what was ‘the culture’ of Sufferlandria. Everyone’s heard Mt Sufferlandria is gone; I’d add Abi’s video “Taking the Soreness out of Suffering” has been sanitized and is now entitled “Side Bends”. The build up of excitement toward release turned out to be more a feeling of being blindsided to those in the latter group. SUF is clearly to become scrubbed clean and I predict a year from Sept 28th that the current tech group will remain SYSTM’ers (looking forward to even newer shiny buttons to press) along with a whole new membership that comes aboard. Those new people will say things like, “I heard in the 'ol days - if you can imagine this, people used to ride their bike for 10hours just to get a title before their name!” - and some KoS will jump in and say, “It was glorious!”.

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Pretty sure there’s another, rather large, crowd that will continue to be the culture of Sufferlandria, which is a state of mind after all, despite the recent changes. If you’re happy that your choice of grass is greener then fine, that’s your choice, just please stop weeing on other peoples’ lawn. p.s. yes, I do indeed have the most glorious lawn. And it’s all mine and you can’t have it :wink:


Well I guess I’m in another bucket. Can I have a generalized classification too please?

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@trainingwheels Not sure why there have to be two crowds - personally I am interested in both the tech and also the mythical nation. The new content is great - ProRides, On Location and I just finished the Creemee Ride today and it is right up there with ISLAGIATT on the suffering scale.

I also don’t agree with your comment on pricing. Trainer Road is $20 per month. Peloton is $40 and you need to buy their bike. Zwift is the same monthly price of $15 but you don’t get nearly as much content nor do you get the results that this platform offers. Among the other virtual platforms there really isn’t anything that mixes in the focus on plans, great content, strength and yoga and mental toughness.


Wonder if this is something that can be helped?

For what it’s worth - I’ve used a Tacx and Wahoo trainer. I find the Neo2 and the Kickr react differently on all the platforms I’ve used - SYSTM, Fulgaz, Zwift, Rouvy and my experience so far is that while the platforms seem to send signals with different timings (though I have no internal coding knowledge here) and then there’s the implementation in the trainer.
I guess what I’m saying is from myexperience this has been more to do with the trainer software than the app, but the app must by definition play a part.
I can say for a fact, if I use a Neo2 then ERG is about as bang on as I could ever want on SYSTM (and was in SUF) which implies the kickr (v5) simply has a different ‘implementation’

Doesn’t change anything, just thought this was a good call out worth opening up.

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