Music in general and music for the 1/2 Monty?

I am still in the 14 day plan… I recently did the half Monty, and at least on the iPad it does not seem possible to play music at the same time as using the SYSTM app… Am I wrong about this? Is there any way to make it so that we can have some inspirational music while we do a fitness test?

I also missed having background music in the Neal Henderson velodrome video, it would have made it more inspiring to have some music, it’s a nice workout but a little dry…

The sufferfest videos have great music and they inspire you to do your best and sometimes - though not always! pedaling to the beat helps with the cadence :smile: and I know that can’t happen always as the app adjusts the cadence to your fitness level test results…

I’m enjoying my 14 day plan and will definitely sign up, but please, fitness test music I’d say would help a lot… me, anyways! :laughing:

There’s music in the Full Frontal :innocent:


I have to thank @emacdoug for this.

If you switch back and forth between Spotify** and Systm a few times then the music should stay on. Start your playlist then open Systm (music will go off), open and start Spotify again and repeat. After 4 or 5 switches the music should stay on. Don’t ask me why!

** other streaming services are available.


I just use my iPhone for music and my iPad for the workout.


Ah! Thanks!, I tried only twice, will persevere! :smiley:

Oh dear! I’m gonna have to bite the bullet! :laughing:

This has been driving me crackers.
Used to work fine in the previous app.
The music really is not to my taste at all.

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