Mt Washington

So I was lucky (?) enough to gain entry into climbing Washington in July in the “practice” (non-timed) run. I did a forum search on this and got no hits.
I’m looking for training suggestions for a plan goal of 7.5miles @ avg grade of 12% (aware the top section is 22%). I know there’s the volcano plan as an option. I also considered Open Vid an option and just increase % of FTP over time to approximate grade + distance.

Basically, I’m wondering about the best possible simulation I can find in my pain cave (minus the wind/rain/freezing temps). Suggestions? Comments from anyone who’s done it are appreciated as well…

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Following. I’d like to do this in the future.

I did the “practice ride” and the race in 2017, the best analogy I’ve heard is “it’s unrelenting”. You’ll need at least a 1 to 1 ratio for gearing, I had a 22t mtb crank with a 26t in the back, I only used the lowest 3 gears. I may do it again this year but will go with a 28 max cassette. As for training I did it all outside usually climbing 8 to 10 thousand feet a week. I went too hard at the beginning of the race so pacing is critical. The last section is brutal! It is One Hammer for 7.6 miles! My current FTP is 248 , I averaged 245 for 1.5 hours during the race


Thanks Stephen. Love the pic too. Last fall I rode Ascutney (which is similar grade and half the distance) and just based on that alone I’m guessing a 90min event +/-. I see the cyclonaut kit - did you have a favorite local hill in getting that 8-10K ft/week?
There has to be others on SUF that have done this event and have experience to share, no?

I did many hills, many trips around Barkhamstead reservoir, 50 mile loop with 4000 elevation. Mountain Rd in Granby Ct is about 12% for the first .75 mile. During the week I’d do Mountain Rd to East Hartland, down 20 to Rt. 219, up 219 to the top and back down, then cross 20 then up Higley to Silkey Rd. gave me about 25 miles and 2500 elevation. Russel Stage Rd, Dickinson Hill and RT 23 has some good climbs in Blandford MA. I’ll be doing a lot this year, I’m doing the VTGF, 130 miles and 13k of elevation.

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Wont’ comment on training, but will say that having the right gearing will make a significant difference to your level of fun on that glorious day. Also, pray to the weather gods.

Thanks Larry and Welcome to SUF.
And, yes, I’m hoping the weather Gods are working with me that day in mid-July.