Missing plan in SYSTM

First Look in the new APP… the only 12 week (Winter) plan with 3 strength session is no longer in the Wahoo App. The old Pre-Season Cyclocross 12 Werks, was (I remember) the only plan with 3 Strength session.

Also looks like the Couch to Crusher plan is missing? Before there was the Couch to Crusher and the 10 week Fitness Kickstarter, just seeing the latter now.

Suggest you give the minions and coaches a few days as loading all the plans for the transfer had to be done at launch, so may still be missing a couple.

If not, contact the coaches in here or via the minions, as they are pretty responsive to queries.
It may be that they have alternatives that they would recommend is those are no longer available


Fine I‘ll wait for the plans👌

Two other things missing (?)

athlete profile:

  1. the overview (incl search) to all my suffered sessions. I often used that function to search all f.e. THE BAT session to compare them and my effort.

  2. weakness and strength - I miss the examples/recommendations of the training sessions for my strengths and weaknesses. I often spontaneously selected a session that was listed there - especially in the summertime, when I didn’t always slavishly train according to plan.

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Suffered sessions is coming back, as is mentioned in the original launch post. It looks like we are going to get a whole new set of functionality