Meet your Minions- Therese

A bit about myself

I live on the edge of Ottawa, Canada and love riding the rural dirt roads that extend into the countryside, and the cycling paths that take me into the heart of the city. I’m not into racing at this moment. I train so that I can go far with friends while having fun. I love seeing and appreciating new views and hidden gems. Winter is inevitably coming, so once it gets too cold to ride fast, we will switch gears and head to the trails on the fat bikes. It’s just my husband (Wolfgang) and I at this point. Our kids and grandkids live in Hawaii or the UK.

How I came to Sufferlandria

Compared to the other Minions, I’m a relatively new Sufferlandrian. The Sufferfest was recommended to me by a friend in late fall 2018 as a great way to recover from marathon training. I was hooked from the beginning. The well-timed Sufferlandrian humour in the workouts was just what I needed. Curious about some of the Facebook posts I was seeing, I researched this “knighthood” challenge and decided immediately that I was going to do it. That was the best “bad idea” I’ve ever had. Nearing the end of my free 60-day subscription that I got with my Kickr Snap, I became a knight on January 6th, 2019 and decided I should probably get an annual subscription.

Fun fact about me: Prior to joining The Sufferfest, I was a trail ultramarathon runner. Let’s just say I am usually up for a crazy idea with fun people.

I joined SUF Services as a Minion on April 1, 2019. I answered a help wanted ad on Facebook. This is my dream job. I have a passion for troubleshooting tech and trainer issues.

My Favorite SUF workout: This one’s a tough one. There isn’t one I don’t like. But I do get really excited when I see Team Scream on my training plan. My second favourite is probably The Omnium. That one is just so much fun! Who doesn’t love the elimination race??

My Favorite SUF song: Again, so many to choose!! Chasing an Echo in Defender though- I wish it was a minute longer to take me to the end of the third interval. The cooldown songs are pretty special too.

4DP rider type: I’m a sprinter with sustained weakness. Although, my last Half Monty test on the weekend changed things up a bit. I am planning to redo Full Frontal in the next few weeks.

What keeps me in SUF? The science! I’m just as excited about physiology as I am about physics. I am most definitely a science geek, and I’m always up for testing a theory.

And, I can never leave. SufferlandriAir doesn’t have any outbound flights.


And what a great addition to the team you were :slight_smile: always helpful and knowledgeable!

If I ever get my running back up to scratch I may have to pick your brains on ultras as well… :slight_smile:


Therese is the best minion!


Welcome to the forums, Sir Kevin! You might be a little biased. Any more bad ideas I can join in on? I’ll bring cookies. :grin:


Good stuff, Dame Therese!

You’ve been amazing every time you’ve helped me out with any of the issues I’ve had. Thank you for your service and awesome attitude.

Keep crushing it!


Thank you for your support and hard work, @ThereseK.

Sometimes bad ideas are absolutely the best, I can relate to this.

The only bad thing about me never having a problem with SUF is that I didn’t get to interact with any of you. :slight_smile:


We all Tough Love you Dame Therese!


Hi Dame Therese.
Great to know about one of the names I see come up a lot to help people.
+1 for Chasing an Echo.



In Sufferlandria every day is Leg Day. Pitter Patter!


So fun meeting all the minions. There’s something comforting seeing that the support minions aren’t just nameless and faceless and that they are here because they use and enjoy the software as much or more than the users. :slight_smile: I hope you enjoyed your 100 mile support tasks last week. :wink:


@emacdoug you certainly made my week interesting! What an amazing ride on your part! Chapeau!!


The best Minion. And how does one become a Knight?

Hi @michaelste !

You’ll find all the information that you need here! Becoming a Knight of Sufferlandria


Yeah, well, that’s just never going to happen