Longer Yoga videos?

Hi there

Big fan of the yoga, but I find myself switching over to longer sessions on YouTube (with Adriene) quite often. Nothing wrong with a quick 15 minute session here and there, but a lot of times it feels too quick or I want something more substantial, if that makes sense.

I wouldn’t mind some longer videos (30-45 minutes).

So more videos like Lower back routine and Back strenghteners, please!


@abicarver from Yoga15 has a few longer videos on her website. It’s well worth the subscription!


Thank you so much Santiago :relaxed:

I love the videos.
I know what you mean though, sometimes would be nice to hold the poses longer and have a longer session as a result.

I would echo this request. For the past year or so, Friday has become my day off the bike / turbo and I’ll usually do 2 SUF yoga sessions before breakfast. I would be great to have 30 minute sessions which allows time for each rep’s (though some of the core exercises already have me praying for the end of the rep!) and more time to stretch out.

I’ve been doing the SF yoga videos for 2+ years now and I supplement them with a course I purchased, called Gravity Yoga. They are still only 20 min videos, but they are body area specific, and you are holding the poses for 5 mins. I also did a 21 day hip opener course with the same yoga teacher. It has really pushed my flexibility. I still do a couple with Abi every week if I want a general ‘stretch’.

One more thing, when doing the Abi videos, I sometimes pause them for longer holds. I just hit the spacebar on my wireless keyboard!