:Rocket: Listen To These: The Knowledge Podcast is Live! :Rocket:

Our Sports Science Team, led by Neal Henderson (who has coached athletes to more than 50 World Championship titles), are the hosts of our new podcast, The Knowledge. Available on all your favorite podcast platforms, The Knowledge has a unique format. Each episode is:

  • Roughly 15 minutes long
  • Focuses on one single topic
  • Gives you a few actionable insights to apply to your own training

You’ll find the first group of episodes here: All Podcasts | Wahoo Fitness
More episodes will drop soon and then we’ll be in a regular release schedule.
Enjoy and let us know what you think!


All favourite podcast platforms apart from Spotify? Or am I just being blind? Or too impatient?!

Try this link


Perfect, thanks.

Seems it was there all along, just hidden beneath a load of other stuff… I’m sure once it starts picking up subscribers the algorithms will float it nearer to the top!


Podcasts are a great addition! :+1:t2:


Been listening to them a little bit today and I’m really glad the podcast was added. Great info and definitely keeps me thinking more about training while I’m working.


Listened to one today (Why we need to know more than just FTP) and really enjoyed it. I think the idea of keeping it short and on point is great. When it finished my player ran on to the next podcast in my downloads, which happened to be one of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast, that was over 2 hours long. That was just people having a chat over coffee really, I got a lot more out of The Knowledge


Hi, tried to listen to a few of these last night while doing the Primers ride but as soon as I started the podcast playing then went to start the ride the podcast stopped and I had to pause the vid go back to the podcasts start it again then go back to the video and start it but when I did the video was out of sync like it was still paused and took about a minute to catch up ? Is this an app problem or could it be using the podcasts app ?

Listened to the one about training with Low Cadence. That blew my mind!! I’m primarily a runner but that got me excited to do some cycling.


I just listened to my first The Knowledge episode. There was something missing. Sir Dylan.
I hope to hear more of Sir Dylan in other episodes, even if it’s just in continuity.

@Shaned1972 Seems to be the app - I had that issue. I switched to a 2nd source for audio but I know others have been able to get it to work after many tries. It is probably being worked on.

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Hi @JSampson usually if I was doing a vid with no music I’d usually have my Mac on watching GCN but still able to follow the workout, I didn’t realise Primers had no music on it until it was too late

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Well worth the listen, short and to the point.