Let’s see your pain cave


Haha. Thanks for that.

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GADS! :flushed:

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Great to see all the Pain Cave setups out there! One note of caution: if you have your pain cave in your basement and you haven’t tested for Radon gas, please do so asap. Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. It’s a naturally occurring, odorless, and invisible radioactive gas that percolates up through the ground and through your concrete floor slab unless you have a mitigation system in place.

Mitigation is relatively inexpensive (especially if you have an existing drain tile/sump pump system installed already). For more information, please visit: Radon | US EPA


For the UK users:

This is a good start: UK Radon Map

Also, your home buyers pack has environmental searches where the risk of Radon is addressed.

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I told my wife that a new bike is less expensive than open heart surgery. She replied, “yeah, but open heart surgery is covered by our health insurance”


Great point. When we purchased our home, we made the seller install a radon detection and ventilation system in the basement.

Well, all right. I moved the Kickr to the finished side of the basement and put it on some some foam rubber flooring from the discount store. I put our old TV on a roller stand, so I can roll it in front of the bike when I work out and in front of the futon when the boys want to play video games.

I was going to move my wife’s treadmill next to my bike; she decided she prefers it upstairs, where it is.

I like this so much more than my old location, next to the water heater in the unfinished side of the basement. This side has windows!


Hoping to finish the basement in the next year to create a true cave… This one is in the middle of the plants we are housing for the winter (but still a nice touch). Suffer on!


Wow. That’s actually quite beautiful. You shouldn’t change a thing.

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This is what a fair bit of overtime looks like!!


Pain cave X Art studio


finally got myself a new mat :+1:
(currently on sale at Aldi Süd, a set of 8 panels for €9,90)



Welcome ChadFrias!

Awesome picture - do the whole family SUFfer at the same time?

Thanks JohnK.
My wife and daughter SUFfer with me while my son free rides along side of us.