KoS scaling question?

Any ability to iron during a Quest and the scaling down has been a bit too radical. Fortunately, laser goats would get you before the iron had warmed up :goat::goat:


Maybe the laser goats could help you iron your clothes quicker. :stuck_out_tongue:

True. Or they could bring along Fluffy to be a giant iron press. Those back ‘paws’ are big … :t_rex:

My experiences an this:

  • 80% is too hard, I went well on 80% until the 5th video and then crashed, hard. Cramps and all
  • 70-75% would have been doable (for me, I think, my profile:TT-rider, so long efforts are really my thing)
  • If you’re dying, make sure you let the recovery parts be scaled down as well
  • Level mode isn’t necessary
  • Scale down in time, don’t wait until you get cramps (else you’ll be fighting the cramps the rest of the day, and the day after, when you’re sat on the couch :grimacing: )

It just led me thinking of the century+ rides I have done where I have flogged myself up hills and had my eyeballs hanging out trying to follow faster riders on flat, yet still made the finish unscathed,yet riding indoors at tempo for an hour adds significant fatigue.Dialling down a workout to 80% would still have my legs knowing it, so tricky question.