KoS attempt nutrition?

Due to the length of the effort you’re going to be doing, and the intensity, you’ll need a fair amount of carbs! Ideally looking to around 60grams per hour. As that’s a lot of food over the whole attempt, good to mix where you get it from. Solid foods, sports foods (gels etc) and energy drinks are good. The energy drinks kit two birds with one stone as you get the fluid and carb intake without additional volume, something that can make you feel uncomfortable as you go on.
Good luck with the attempt!


As to carb drinks, I can recommend that you look into two: Skratch Superfuel and CarboRocket. Both tip the scale at 60+ carbs per bottle. I DO NOT recommend switching to these until you have fully integrated them into your hydration/nutrition plan. I found that many of the issues I had with using other drinks disappeared when I switched to them. And the last caveat: Your Mileage May Vary. These drinks have been known to cause serious digestive issues on the day and day after you use them.

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