Have a rest and take care of yourself. I wish you all the best.

And seriously, I don‘t think you should worry too much. Take a few days off and just continue with the plan when you feel ready. A few skipped workouts won‘t make a big difference.

Knighthood is more about your headspace and a strong will than following a plan to the T. You are close. You have a strong will and a great reason to do it. It will happen.

I strongly believe being a knight is also about patience and knowing when to rest - and more importantly about having fun.


Definitely Pierre and thank you for the encouragement my friend.
I’m taking a break for a bit as you suggest. I think it’s for the best. Hopefully the test result will come back negative tomorrow and I can get back to business.
I’m ready for it now, can’t wait :grin::ok_hand:

I’m just finishing up a Speed Demon training plan next week with a view to completing a KoS quest over / just before the Christmas period. I have a background in audax (longer distance rides) and complete a 200k each month, so feel comfortable with the concept, but just fine tuning the plan.

I think that the longer sunday sessions will be a confidence builder, so going to try and hit those on 06/12 (3hrs), 13/12 (6hrs), then go for it on either the 20/12 (10hrs - KoS) or 27/12 (10hrs - KoS).

A few questions:

  1. I normally take Saturday as a rest day, and will struggle to get x2 back to back longer days in as per the KoS plan - does anyone have any thoughts on how necessary the back to back hard days are?
  2. Do you think a long ride on a Sunday (outside) would replace the longer indoor sessions on Sunday’s KoS plan?
  3. Is it a good idea to try for 20/12 with less training or 27/12 with a taper after Christmas - can’t decide whether to celebrate with Christmas for a job well done, or use the break to carb load…?
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I am also preparing for a KoS attempt and based on the training plan I expect to give it a go on 12/12. To your questions, @Coach.Neal.H has a post higher up in this feed stating that Epic Days Do Not Require Epic Training - Knighthood that includes some suggestions on how to tackle the day itself. Although the Epic Day may require some Epic Recovery.

I would think if you are in overall good fitness, making the adjustments you are considering should not negatively impact your effort. It is just nice enough here in Chicago that I will be riding outside at least one day this weekend and will make sure it is of similar duration as the plan lays out.

My preference is to get it done before the holidays. I will be physically fit enough. More concerned that if I push it of one week, it will be easy to push it off two or more weeks.

I have done three videos back-to-back and agree - it is much more mental than physical. Although my legs buzzed all day.

I had trained all last fall and winter for a spring gran fondo that was cancelled. In retrospect I should have done the KoS challenge that day. Oh well, no time like the present.


Thankfully my covid test came back negative this morning.
Dr thinks tonsillitis so a 10 day course of penicillin is on the cards.
Hopefully it won’t cause too many problems with the plan now, thank God. Slowly making my way to the castle doors :crown::european_castle::grin:


Take care of yourself and recover. The castle will still be there when you’re ready. You’ll enjoy you KOS experience more if you’re fully recovered. :+1:


That’s the aim mate and thank you. Feeling much better today thank God. Saturday is the 6hr test day so I have my fingers crossed for a decent performance there. It’ll be a good tester either way :wink:


No Stickers, Decals. Its a whole thing about the Decals :grinning:

There is a whole Knights kit, not just a jersey. When you are welcomed into the castle by the rest of us, as it sound like you will be, you can purchase a knights kit (once the Sufferfest store opens again) for a reasonable price, which will automatically add 20 watts to your riding!


These are the things I am most interested in haha. Looking forward to seeing the new fancy shop up and running too.
The kit will definitely be on my to buy list and the added Watts is just a mega bonus :joy:

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What does this “enjoy” word mean? :wink:


It’s all about the decals. Still waiting impatiently for the new shop to open so I can get my kit, but I’ve got my decals, so i’m golden. :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking: Never heard of it! :joy:

I’m jealous of you guys flaunting your spoils of war. Makes me more determined :ok_hand:

I havent shown you my National Flag! It adorns my pain cave and flaps in the breeze of my wind device.


I’ve been looking all over for one which has proven futile! Hopefully the new store will stock such wonders that I could adorn my pain cave wall’s with too :grin:

They seem to be scarce lately. Hopefully the store reopens soon.

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Just to save myself a load of work, is there anyone that has a spreadsheet with all of the Sufferfest Workouts listed, with name / length / IF /TSS / Type / Other Info? Can they either attach or upload? I’m just setting up my schedule for 18/12.

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Here you go, just the video ones. Think it’s up to date. Make a copy because I’ll likely unpublish it a bit later.


Great stuff, this spreadsheet will come in very handy.
I’ll be working out the run order this weekend :scream::scream:.
@caashford good luck with your quest mate, I’ll be rooting for you :+1:

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Here’s mine. It doesnt have everything you aksed for but alot of it. Sir Jim’s KoS Attempt Planning