Knighthood Quests

I’m liking this list. Contemplating doing the quest but never sure which ones to do. Climbing is my forte.

Tomorrow I will have exactly one week remaining until my KOS attempt. I was considering throwing Blender into the mix, but my wife is already unhappy with the time it’s going to take me to finish, so every video on my playlist is 1 hour or less. Thin Air at exactly 1 hour is my longest.

My KOS Line Up

|1|The Bat|0:59:51|
|2|Nine Hammers|0:58:22|
|5|Fight Club|0:55:52|
|6|The Wretched|0:46:31|
|7|The Trick|0:59:10|
|8|Thin Air|1:00:15|
|9|The Omnium|0:47:36|

As much as I prefer Climbing and Endurance video, I’ve decided that a good playlist needs a good mix of different types of workout to ensure you get a reasonable amount of recovery. Thin Air is one of my favorites, but it’s basically a long 40 minute climb. So since it’s in the back half of my list I’ve bracketed it with workouts with shorter efforts. However, I have Nine Hammers as #2 followed by Angels at #3, so we’ll see how I feel going into Butter at #4 which should in theory give me intermittent rests if I’m doing it at 80%. Will be interesting to see how I feel on event day.

Any Knights out there have some playlist strategy they want to share?


Hi everyone,
I wanted to do the knighthood for my birthday in October this year. Then I got ill and had to postpone. I was feeling better and two weeks into my newly scheduled training plan. Yesterday I started with Butter and Blender and I was feeling so good, I thought, maybe I should just do it :grinning: so in my first 10 Min break I quickly grabbed a bit more nutrition for me and my crew and just went into my preferred videos instead of following the trainingsplan. And incredibly my legs and my mind carried me through it. About 11,5h hours later I finished and am know very proud (and just a little tired and sore :joy:).
My videos were Butter and Blender (Buttery Pain Shakes for breakfast yum), then Fight Club (to lose those yak butter calories), There Is No Try, The Bat, Thin Air, Defender, Power Station, GOAT (I definitely was saying no to comfort at this time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and to finish I visited my favourite Dark Places. I will indeed return to them but not today. I started at 85% and had to turn down to 80% for the second, 75% after the third, 70% after the sixth and 65% for the last video.
This spontaneous quest had some advantages (my pain cave is in the garden tool shed and I was hoping for good weather): sunshine, less fear and anticipation, a lot of fun improvising and fewer questions from couchlandrians as to why I was doing this.

But the disadvantage was I had no one there except my Huskys to cheer me on. But they did a great job: cheering, getting a snack (they do like bananas), sleeping and starting a little fight during Fight Club.

My camera didn’t have enought battery power so I don’t have many photos. And since I didn’t have enough drinks and nutrition I had to do a few sprints during the breaks . But my husband came home in the evening, quite surprised to find me still on the bike and was very supportive for the last 30min and afterwards.
So I will rest today to kick some more butt tomorrow :wink:


Congrats, sounds like an awesome day! And we get to add another member to the Spontaneous Knighthood club :slight_smile:

Wow, fantastic! Excellent work! :slight_smile: That’s a nice productive day. Well done.

Evan an I will approach the Gates of the Knighthood on the same day at opposite sides of the globe.
Here is the playlist I came up with for me. I put the “Omnium” in the last spot because it’s my personal Nemesis. The sheer thought of doing it after all the hard work before will keep me on the edge for the day (hopefully - or just freak me out completely).

Holger's Knighthood Playlist
  1. Revolver
  2. Do As You’re Told
  3. Power Station
  4. The Rookie
  5. Attacker
  6. A Very Dark Place
  7. The Wretched
  8. The Best Thing In The World
  9. G.O.A.T.
  10. The Omnium

Evan is raising money for CurePSP and I support him with that. I’m pretty sure any donation will help the both of us to fullfil the quest (and will help me to face The Omnium in the end with confidence).


Wow, Power Station AND G.O.A.T.? lol. I had considered G.O.A.T. in my list for a while, but my legs get super tired after all the low cadence work and minimal recovery. Looks like you’re definitely looking to ensure you suffer! :smiley:

Looks like a great list! I really wanted to add in a couple of extra long videos like ISLAGIATT, Blender, or Cobbler, but I promised my wife I wouldn’t take any longer than I had to. lol. But I have Omnium in my list, as well. Have to put in a least a couple nemesis workouts to ensure that we properly suffer, right? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this weekend, for sure!


So… I’m in video 4/10 on my KOS attempt. But my TICKR wasn’t connecting at the beginning of my third video. I stopped the video and restarted it and got it connecting, but it looks like that fiddling and restart put me at maybe 10 minutes and 30 seconds between videos 2 & 3. Looks like my TICKR got nine hammered. Ugh. Guess I need to do 12 then… :exploding_head: :boom: :hammer:

Or will it count anyway because I started and stopped and then restarted? No way am I going to lose out on a stupid technicality, so if I have to do 12, I’ll do 12. Maybe the minions can check the time stamps? But, ugh. It’s Hammer Time!

Edit update: the app and then my computer crashed 28 minutes into video 11, so I guess the first 10 will have to do.


I just wanted to mark today as the day I first considered the madness of a Knighthood Quest, started reading this forum topic, and printed out the requirements to start thinking about my path to glory. It may be a while before I achieve or even attempt this, but we all need goals in these times.

I am in awe of all of you that have achieved this incredible feat! You have my respect, and I hope someday to join you all!


@MikeD I never planned to ever attempt this challenge. But after months of training and joining this forum, i experienced the same thing that you have. And then, I just decided to go do it. Today was the day! And what a glorious day it was.


I’m just finishing up a Speed Demon training plan next week with a view to completing a KoS quest over / just before the Christmas period. I have a background in audax (longer distance rides) and complete a 200k each month, so feel comfortable with the concept, but just fine tuning the plan.

I think that the longer sunday sessions will be a confidence builder, so going to try and hit those on 06/12 (3hrs), 13/12 (6hrs), then go for it on either the 20/12 (10hrs - KoS) or 27/12 (10hrs - KoS).

A few questions:

  1. I normally take Saturday as a rest day, and will struggle to get x2 back to back longer days in as per the KoS plan - does anyone have any thoughts on how necessary the back to back hard days are?
  2. Do you think a long ride on a Sunday (outside) would replace the longer indoor sessions on Sunday’s KoS plan?
  3. Is it a good idea to try for 20/12 with less training or 27/12 with a taper after Christmas - can’t decide whether to celebrate with Christmas for a job well done, or use the break to carb load…?

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Sounds like you’ve a good base with the audax behind you so the endurance wouldn’t be an issue for you. As long as you’re doing 1 long day to test your turbo set up, food, kit changes, water etc. I didn’t do it myself, winged it a bit, knew I had a good endurance base and trusted that.


It sounds like you’ve already got the base and endurance. 2 long days in a row mostly just tests your endurance and recovery. But with your experience and base it sounds like that’s taken care of. Seems like you’re ready and could really just take it on at any time and it’s more about your mental preparation than anything else.

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Are you familiar with these two documents?

  1. General eating advice for suffering: Fuel for the Fire:
    How and What to Eat to Maximise Your Return on Suffering

    2.Eating to Suffer: Using Nutrition to Get the Most Out of Your Training

The second reference has a discussion of fueling for the KOS quest.


Hypothetical question, maybe someone here has some tips or experience with this: Let‘s say someone might be thinking of live-streaming the whole event and it will probably be around 13 hours long, which easy access platform and tools could support this feat?

Facebook has the „build in“ SUF crowd but apparently a 4 hour limit. Restarting stream possible?
YouTube kinda does it, I think, but doesn’t save your stream afterwards.
Twitch is too much of a hassle to sign up for interested people, I guess…

Anything I‘m missing?

You could stream each stage on Facebook instead of streaming the whole thing. I’m not sure a 10 minute “comfort” break and change of apparel is such an appealing stream, anyway … :scream:


Easy access needs a bit more definition :slight_smile:

I prefer to use OBS to bring the stream together with a couple of webcams and a central display of the SUF app, then put whatever graphics around the outside.

On the ‘too much hassle’ for one software over the other … that’s a takes our pick thing. For example youtube probably needs signed in and you get ads and they’re always wanting you to upgrade
Facebook does all sorts of stuff with data, needs an account, Twitch needs an account.

Not having an account isn’t really a blocker. It takes seconds whichever one you use.

You can use Discord to live stream too - that can be handy as it does audio and video

Or you can go the whole hog and get OBS to stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch and let the user pick their poison.

I personally think streaming is about interaction so whichever one easily enables a minimum of text interaction, but preferably voice interaction is best.

That way when you have pals that fancy joining in to say hi for 15 mins from time to time it’s easy to do.

Otherwise it’s all a bit ‘transactional’


@Pierre happy to help if value in that - though given your skills with cameras and graphics I suspect you’ll nail it in a nanosecond

That’s already an absolute gem of an answer, Martin. Thank you. I‘ve read a bit about OBS before and think this is an interesting path to take. I‘ll look into it and PM you as soon as I can ask a bit more streamlined questions. :slight_smile: Your help is greatly appreciated.

One big hurdle will probably be the streaming limits on the different platforms. I‘m testing a private Facebook stream as we speak.

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You can live stream Zoom to YouTube. Needs a pro account which also gets you 24 hours for the meeting. (Facebook Live is limited to 8 hours for desktop, 4 for mobile)

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