Knighthood Quests

Are you thinking about embarking on a quest to become a Knight of Sufferlandria? There are many who have gone before you and they can provide some great advice. Post your questions here for some pro tips from the community.


I’d settle on being a Dude of Sufferlandria. Is there a quest for that?

And if knighthood isn’t enough for some people, is Earl or Duke available?


An Earl or Duke ranks higher than a Knight. So I can imagine that the Minions would set the bar even higher than a Knighthood’s requirements - perhaps doing 20 in 24 hours… eek


Maybe a Knighthood should be annual…?


We do have both an Earl and a Duke in the castle but these titles (well, nicknames really) were earned through other means.

Rather unfortunately, and unnecessarily, photographic evidence was submitted as part of the application process.

Names hidden to protect the innocent.

Earl of Hurl and Duke of Puke :face_vomiting: . Sorry, but you clicked it!


I do indeed have a question - I know the max allowed break time between rides is 10 mins what is allowed with respect to pauses mid workout (unexpected toilet break, completely knackered and need to throw up etc etc )

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Have you suffered properly, are you riding in the spirit of it, then hey ho, need to pee is need to pee !!


As much as you can, try and go in the 10mins but the more workouts you get through the more important the decisions become between:
A: Fresh T-shirt
B: More fuel & hydration
C: Collapse in a heap on the floor
D: Bathroom
If you gotta go though you gotta go - just make sure Grunter doesn’t spot you :wink:


Maybe we should ride in nappies

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This is repeating what has been said before, but here some tips:
Plan on switching bib shorts after every other ride;
Have plenty of water pre-chilled and refill you bidons/have prefilled bisons ready in the fridge;
Have a variety of foods (gels/solids/bars/salty snacks, some have a bowl of soup) ready;
I took my shoes off too and massaged my feet towards the end with one of those bumpy rollers;
Chamoiscream, if you need it;
Do at least one trial run with at least four videos to test you set-up, break process (some report of having to restart the app to record the ride);
Take pictures and use multiple ways of documenting the quest.;
Fans. Many;
Fundamentally this is primarily a mental challenge, be ready to go to a very dark place and will your mind to go through that.


And I would add the workouts strategy, try to mix them with hard and harder (there’s no easy) but we all know our weakness.
I did “the trick” in the 7th place before team scream and was the key of my survival, the long recoveries helped a lot!!


Thanks for these tips, guys! I am coming off a broken collarbone so looking for a challenge and building up the courage to storm the castle. Every bit of information helps!


In regards to power or performance bench marks. Are all ten videos performed at 100% of your ftp?

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You don’t have to do them at 100% intensity. Just make sure you SUFFER.


Hi I think it would be almost impossible to do the workouts at 100% if your FDP was accurate. I think most people aim for between 75-85%.

My KOS was a few weeks ago - I started at 85% for the first few workouts and they felt good…even Nine Hammers… but towards the latter half had to drop to 75% or risk not finishing, the suffering (and cramps) were so great!

Managed to ramp up the % for the finale of A Very Dark Place however.

I’d recommend an up to date FDP and start at 75% for the first 3 videos and up the intensity if you feel able - I found it amazing how much even a 5% difference in intensity made to my suffering.

Good luck!


Thank you. This will be a goal to accomplish over the winter months.


I’d go as far to say if you can do 10 hours of SUF videos at 100% of the 4 metrics, then the 4x4DP metrics are ‘off’. Given that one SUF workout is often done to failure (in the srtict numbers sense/targets etc), doing 10 is just not real.

As others have said - just work really hard, and get through them all … and suffer well

Thank you. I think I will start it at 85% and see how far that’ll take me. Than adjust as needed. Would it be possible for the knight that have performed this to recommend or list the videos and order that you completed it in. Thanks un advance

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I’m sure you’ll crush it @allen_lopez! Just be prepared to drop below 85%. This is an endurance event. Also, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you do the Mental Toughness Plan. Not sure I even would have attempted my Knighthood had it not been for the MTP.


Excellent thank you! Sigh… the omnium! Really dislike that one.