Kickr power and cadence sensor issues

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Kickr for about 8 weeks now. Every now and then when I’m riding in ERG mode, my cadence and/or power readings will skyrocket and then stabilize. It seems like a connection problem. The Kickr stops tracking the sensor readings and can’t stabilize itself back to ERG for a few seconds, and the process continues. The issues have lasted for about 5 minutes. For example, on my last 60 minute 60% FTP ride this morning, power and cadence were spot on the ERG setting and then at 21-26 minutes, the power numbers disengaged from the target and I was hustling until the system regrouped back to normal power.

It’s quite random, but the issue always last about 5 minutes. I’m currently using bluetooth and sit about 6 feet from my router and I bike at a standing desk so the computer basically sits above the Kickr.

Any thoughts?

Sounds irritating. Other than the old standby to fully delete then reinstall SYSTM (which sometimes helps and often doesn’t), my only idea is to contact the minions here.

I have had (but not for quite some time) periods where bluetooth control seems to give up then start up again. Deselecting the trainer control icon then reselecting it used to resolve it when that happened. Maybe worth a shot.

Choose Bluetooth Sensors

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Thanks for the help, guys. I’ll try these out and post my findings soon.

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Although designed to operate without stepping on each other, sometimes Bluetooth and wifi can interfere if the wifi network is using the 2.4GHz band. Does Bluetooth interfere with WiFi? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Something to consider if your router is very near to your Bluetooth devices.


Suggest, if possible, switching any Wi-Fi to the 5GHz band. Several 2.4 GHz channels will drown out Bluetooth and basically kill it. Also, deselect any automatic channel settings on Wi-Fi as well. They don’t recognize Bluetooth as a legit signal and will stomp on it without a second “thought”.