Kettlebell S&S with SUF

Exactly this. I hadn’t done SS immediately after barbell work before. Because I was fatigued from the bar work, I REALLY had to engage my core more and better and focus on form when I did the SSs. I am feeling my lats today!!! :flushed:

Yeah am watching the load closely. I’m pretty good on recovery and don’t force planned sessions if the body says no and I never ride the injury fenceline.

Re the warmup, I do do unloaded bar work before adding the plates. Part of the progression, so I haven’t seen it as a warmup really.

I’ve also got a wee bit of regular strength work behind me now and being middle aged and female, can’t NOT do the strength work. As I don’t often manage to fit in 3x heavy weights sessions a week, more like 2, I figure the SS daily is a good option, but I will have to dial it back as the weights go up. Currently not focusing on endurance, although my plan suggests otherwise. My endurance sessions are dialed right back. Currently working on strength, power and body composition. Once that’s a bit more dialed, I’ll transition into more endurance work. Will mostly change my workout IF downwards and how I fuel

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So helpful having these discussions, thanks Team!


Thoughts on chalk? I noticed I can get a bit sweaty and may need to be more careful with sweat now that the weight is sneaking up. I’ve never used chalk of any kind before and will probably order something on Amazon after I have read up on it a bit more. Currently, I am thinking of something called liquid chalk so it doesn’t get everywhere. What are others using? From the looks of the bells that @SirAlexanderLee posted, it looks like he is using the real deal. Looking forward to some thoughts.

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I’m not quite in the market for some chalk. Sweat running down the hands onto the bell but zero grip issues yet. Know that will change tho. Chalk recommendations would be appreciated.

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I would definitely do your warmup sets, even if you biked first. But you could do fewer. Like if you normally do ten reps with just the barbell, maybe do just a couple, add weight and do a couple more, etc. but you want to get the motor units activated and firing right before you jump into the heavy stuff.

I agree probably no need for another warmup pre-KB, but you might need to play with an easy weight first just to see where you’re at after the lifting session.

FWIW, that’s how I use kbs also, for full-body conditioning after lifting. I don’t do the program y’all are following, I just pick a weight that i can do twenty swings at a time, then I do twenty swings, twenty burpees, 30 seconds rest, work through that a few times and try to add intervals each week. I don’t find that I need a kb-specific warmup but the “right” weight does vary

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Then with that clarification, load the weight in and get strong with the KB!

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With gyms closing at 17:00 here I just invested in a the s&s book and kettlebells, Pavel is very funny in a frightening way.

I’ve named my two kettlebells Ken and Barby :wink:


Chalk is super easy to clean up. So don’t let the “mess” of real chalk push you away from it.

Real chalk is superior in several ways, primary of that is in the feel it delivers. Real chalk also allows a bit of grip relaxation without hampering the hold security. This is key on KBs as the weight goes up and the bell begins to feel alive in your hands.


This is ace. My 10kg is pink. I hate pink. Hopefully the 16kg is blue.

@DameLisa A 16kg is usually yellow. 12kg bells are usually blue. They color code them so that athletes can identify the weight quickly.

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Since there is a whole thread dedicated to pain caves, I thought I’d could at least add a snap of my current bell collection. I guess I could add some coloured tape on them to stop me grabbing the wrong one :open_mouth:


Getting personal with the 32kg this week. Full load of single handed swings 10/10.

Now just got to get the TGU caught up. 2/5 have been 32kg. 3/5 were 28kg.

28kg is starting to feel like the 24 did a few weeks ago.

Onwards and upwards my friends! Reach for the sky!


Nice progression!!! I am dialing back on the SS and weights work this week as have a MONSTER two weeks on the Ian Boswell 200miler GG plan. Definitely won’t cope with lots of strength work too.


Way to go! Addictive isn’t it! Can’t fathom rocking 32kg (yet). That’s pretty high too :partying_face:


Our little S&S tribe here - so cool.

So, here’s a KB S&S Top Tip O the Day!:

Prepare for the dump. It’s not if, but when.

I had to bail on second to last TGU today. Luckily I had decided to drop back down to the 28kg from the 32. Momentum wasn’t right and I stalled out. The bell began to twist my hand around. I quickly rotated back down and let the weight crash in front and to the side of me.

Floor isn’t happy. But better the floor than my face. This is with a 1/2” mat…


So you’re saying I might not want to do this on the wood floor in my apartment?

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Old enough and smart enough to know it’s best never tell anyone what to do, much less a Sufferlandrian.

However, on a wood floor, your results may vary.


Indeed. I’m on a solid concrete slab floor with 0.5cm thick rubber backing wool carpeting. Perhaps I should add rubber matting as well. Sensible really given the bar bell is now up there at 60kg.


Ouch. Glad you made it. I’d miss your updates otherwise. These things are definitely not toys. Thanks for posting that photo. I’m pretty conscious of the space that I am currently lifting in. Mentioned it before on this thread. It’s a bit too tight for a good bail still. So I have to figure something out there also sooner than later.

Curious, how long does one rep of your TGU take?

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