Kettlebell S&S with SUF

Interesting thread. I have some kettlebells sat largely unused in the garage as I never really know what to do with them. Just ordered Pavel’s book and will get cracking as I need to build core and upper body strength.

Question for you all though, as we are coming into a Northern hemisphere winter it’s getting really cold in my garage and the kettlebells will soon be painfully cold to hold for any length of time. I was thinking to just wear a pair of old full finger biking gloves, any issues with that or should I be considering something more specific?

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OR bring them inside and do the swings in front of your china cabinet. :wink::-1:


Nice idea, but the floor in front of the china cabinet is a bit slippery from where I degreased my drivetrain :grimacing:


I’d bring them in the night before then take them out as needed.

My bells stay in the basement, it’s like low 60s down there. They actually get warm quick IMO. But that’s starting at 60. If they were 30s :cold_face:

Regarding gloves, don’t use any. Use chalk. You need to feel the bells move in your hands.

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Felt crap this morning when I woke up. So instead of following the plan, I did recharger. I then found myself recharged and feeling the day so I went into my Kettlebell mad mode and came out 40 minutes later having done 10 x TGU for the first time with the 8kg weights. That was pretty magic when I realized I was going to make that. Did the swings and all the other stuff today but today I was proud of being able to get up off the floor funnily enough. Each TGU took about 1 minute or over to execute but nice and steady the whole way. For the swings, today was 2 hand again but I did 10 every 30s for 5 minutes total. This was easy so I think a few more days of TGU and I’ll try progress the swings to 1H versions and then I’m gonna need a 16kg bell. Am loving the bells so far.


That is so awesome!!!

Yup, you’re going to make huge progression as you keep dialing that in.

FYI - as the weight goes up on the KB, you may need new pants.

I’ve been breaking in my new 34kg bell. 2 handed last week to get the feel of it. 3 sets L/R of singles today.

TGU with the 28kg for full sets. That’s getting towards the owning phase.

Just another FYI - as the weight goes up you may find yourself yelling at the top of the lift.

Oh, and on the TGU, on the floor, as the weight goes up, be sure you have your transition to your elbow then palm dialed in. It becomes one fast fluid movement with weight so you can get a heavier bell off the ground.

Dammit. I gotta ask…

Is this because the bigger weights over head are scary and … maybe not… But I am wondering if you mean that I’ll need a smaller pants or a bigger pants? Not sure I could get a smaller pants as I’m a bit of a stick insect. A doctor (after operating on me) once called me a fat thin person. Or maybe you mean that my muscles are gonna be so big that I’ll be bursting out of my old ones… I’m guessing you are seeing some transformation.

I’ll keep that in mind on the TGU. Although, I have watched a lot of footage where to elbow and to palm is in two phases. There is so much to improve I think as I learn this and probably way more as the weights go up.

Yes, meaning you’re going to be packing on some muscle - so will need bigger pants. Your body won’t have any choice but to get stronger and a bit bigger. Be sure to take this into account in diet plans as well. S&S doesn’t burn a lot of calories like riding, but it taxes your muscles quite a lot and they need fuel!

Yes, also on TGU. The transition points of contact are the same, but as the weight goes up you actually move through them a little faster.

That’s why it’s so important to nail down technique with the lower weight first and make everything as smooth as possible.

With more weight off center and over your head, every movement is magnified and increased. So if you start to get off balance or move too fast, it’s going to reverberate through your whole body and get your attention real quick.

I find the biggest challenge with the heavier weight isn’t my strength, it’s my mind space.

So, even though you’re practicing with lower weight, treat it like it’s 70lbs over your head. Focus everything at this stage. Because when it does get to 70 lbs - you can’t be :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: around.

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Yeah this is why I’m still using a shoe. I need to bite the bullet though and start using the 10kg.


@DameLisa - one idea f you have a light hand bar bell, that’s also ok at the lower weights for this I would say. I personally tried it out with just the bar and then 5kg first. It’s a good way to build confidence. How are your swings going? Have you mastered the 1 arm swings yet? That’s next up for me. Thinking of trying my next set doing hand to hand and see how that goes.

That’s That’s a good idea actually. I have 1, 2 and 4kg dumbells that would work.

10x10 at 10kg swings are fine. One armed ones seem hard. I’d rather up the two armed swings first then attempt the lower weight one armed


Yeah. Bang on. One issue I currently have is my practice space. Basically a narrow space beside the trainer on top of a gym mat. This morning the gym mat caught my ankle in the sweep and caused me to jerk a little which set the weight off balance. Now, it is only 8kg so I could recover it but had it been the 12kg… that makes you think. So yeah, fully appreciate that now too :slight_smile: I’m going to look at what I can do to improve the space there to free my mind.

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You’ve probably read the S&S book. The one arm swings are supposed to start off hard and you’re supposed to do 2x10 (2 hand), 2x10 (1 hand–one each), 6x10 (2 hand) for 4 weeks and then lengthen the 1 hand section every 4 weeks (if you’ve mastered it) until all 10 swings are one handed.

I’ve read the book and ordered bells. They’ll arrive in the next few days. I’ve been practicing TGUs with dumbells, up to 15lbs (because I’m American–sorry).


You’ve practiced long enough with the shoe. Add some weight, but what your comfortable with. If you’re mentally scared of the weight, it will hold you back. You must feel like you own it. Especially as weight goes up.

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Be sure you’ve mastered the one hand weight first before adding in switches.

Be prepared to counter opposite twisting forces.

Also, on the one handed, as weight increases, you will begin to increase the pulling forces on your shoulder and biceps tendons. Plan for a settling of weight before jumping up. Basically your tendons have to get used to the additional forces as the weight rises. So don’t just chase weight for weights sake.

I routinely rotate in the 24/28/34 based solely on how I feel.

Last two days I’ve done 34kg single arm swings. Bicep tendons are feeling the effects. Tomorrow and Thursday is two handed only.

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That’s what I did with the 24. I got the 28 down with doubles then went back to the 24 with singles.

It’s amazing how much a heavier weight makes the previously thought of heavy weight seem not so heavy by comparison.

Jump back and forth between the weight based on how you feel.

Pavel’s routine and weight is a bit heavy handed for someone not accustomed to lifting per se.

I’m accustomed to lifting and still have to throw in a light bell some days. Perfect technique at a lighter weight beats crap technique and a heavier weight every day.

Crap technique at a heavy weight will get you injured.

US here too. You’ll convert to metric when you get the KBs over 24kg.

Order from Rogue. Best prices in the US even though you have to pay shipping.

I’ve ordered the powdercoat ones, but the e-coats are $5 cheaper. You’re going to sand the handles anyway. My next ones will likely be ecoat till I’m over 88/40kg.

Yeah but lifting 85kg in a bar squat is quite different from throwing a weight overhead one handed :rofl: and I have a safety on the power rack for the bar

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I know, but you’ll get there. You’ll make leaps and bounds as you add weight to start.

When you find your weight, then your body will begin to evolve…


I did. Weird, isn’t it?

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