Is this bad?

Is it bad that I feel more exhausted after a fitness test than a Knight of Sufferlandria attempt? Not that a KoS isn’t exhausting, but they are in very different ways and the fitness test just bites harder… more explicit exhaustion, immediately.

Is it normal to come out of it an hour or so after finishing thinking you could have done better? :joy:

Unrelated: when taking a fitness test, is it bad if you leave your smart trainer in ERG mode even during the warm-up/segments that are NOT efforts?

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Do it all the time… :wink:


Yep, here too. The target power in the warm up/recoveries are just right and running in erg takes away one less thign to focus on. Just don’t forget to switch back before the efforts…


My last FF was everything I was able to give - almost vomited in the plants… An hour afterwards I was still not able to move. There’s no way in hell I can top those numbers


That’s awesome. I bet the first few workouts after that were fun!


@TrapMeSuf There is always room for improvement. During my ride yesterday I realized that I was recovering at what used to be my FTP. It doesn’t get easier - you just get better!


I just liked your post then thought: where else would someone proudly proclaim that they almost vomited and then couldn’t move for an hour? Maybe at (I hope that site doesn’t exist).

And where else would I be stuck with the thought: “I wish I could almost vomit too. Maybe next time.”


Thank you @JSampson, that’s weirdly encouraging. :+1:
I’ll keep it in mind for the next one (in about a week’s time)

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It was quite the experience indeed :grimacing:

I need to get on your level.

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How?!?! My new FTP yesterday was only two points higher than previously. I made decent gains in my NM and MAP but FTP hardly budged. Going all out for the MAP sabotages that 20 min effort…

@mserge I was comparing February 2021 numbers - my FTP changed around 16% between then and my last test in October. So what previously was a threshold pace is now right in the middle of my tempo range.

For me the ability to recover quickly from threshold and over threshold efforts has really been a game changer and the interval training on the SYSTM platform has definitely contributed greatly.


How about “there’s always room for improvement…but not all the time?”