Is The Strength Training Good?

I’m looking at starting with Sufferfest, done plenty of trainer work previously with TrainerRoad and Zwift along with following plans from the Yoga 15 website for the past couple of years.
I’ve never bothered wirth strength training.

Are people feeling any benefits from the SF strength training plans?

It’s summer here in the UK (allegedly!) so I’m not going to be riding a huge amount on the trainer until the weather gets bad as I’d rather be outdoors. I’m thinking of starting the strength and yoga plans, I know the yoga is worthwhile but is the strength plan worthwhile too?

@Grm Yes the sessions can be beneficial. I have done most of the beginner and intermediate sessions and would characterize them as supplementing what a rider misses from being on a stationary bike (core, balance, etc.). There is some overlap with yoga in a few of the sessions. You are not going to see any heavy lifts in the program. I have used the sessions on their own and also as a warm up before doing some additional lifting - such as deadlifts, squats, cleans, push press.

One consideration is that they do take time so if you are just looking to limit things to an hour and do a bike workout and yoga things could be challenging. I am not currently doing strength but will incorporate it into my next plan.

Here is a thread that you might find useful on the topic of strength sessions:


Better mobility.
Stronger core, lower back, stabilizers.
Less fatigue when riding.


Yes, next.

Seriously, the combination of strength and yoga mean my backs not felt so good / aches and pain free for a couple of years, and I’ve eased bank into running without getting injuries. All for a few 15-20 mins sessions a week that fit around the family really easily.



That sounds good enough to me!

As you say, a couple of 15-20 minute sessions a week are easy enough to fit in around everything else if needed. I followed the Yoga 15 plans for a while and managed a run of 240 days with a 15 minutes yoga sessioin each day, the benefits from that were huge. Hopefully I’ll notice similar improvements with the strength training over time :+1:t2: