Importing Outdoor Rides into Systm

This may have been answered before but my searches didn’t reveal anything that helped!

When I do an outdoor session (weekend long ride) how do I import that ride data back into Systm?

I am running a Garmin Edge 530 and Training Peaks - I have Training Peaks and Systm already synced and is working outbound Systm to TP, but I couldn’t see if it worked the other way.

Thanks for any advice

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You can’t, at the moment.

Something that’s being worked on, as I understand it.


Thanks for clarifying.

That’s definitely a feature request from me!!!


I believe this is one of the features looking at being added (and that I’m permitted to stay that!). As I’ve learnt from talking with app developers and programmers, it’s something that takes quite a bit of work to implement as changing one thing can change a multitude of other things. But there are a lot of updates coming to SYSTM with a lot of those features being driven by user input and requests


I really look forward to when it will be possible to add workouts to wahoo systems. I bought a wahoo rival watch and would like to use it with wahoo systems to the fullest. :ok_hand: