How tough are ProRides?

I did the Ride London video last week and thought it was great. Felt like 1st and 3rd thirds of it were tough but middle sort of allowed some decent recovery periods. That sort of means the overall IF of 0.76 underplays the effort needed at the beginning and the end phase, so you do need to bring ‘A’ game.


Hi Martin, thanks for the answer.
While riding the video got frozen, I could still hear the sound running but nothing else happened for some minutes.

Fully downloaded before trying. I’m in the basement and the wifi signal is feeble.

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When they say to freewheel, I’d let’er coast. Because what is coming next is going to be very very uncomfortable.

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Agree. I always start to pedal again a few seconds before the freewheeling ends to avoid getting caught at the bottom of an ERG deathspiral.


Just did it today. Worked fine on iPad Pro with latest iPadOS and Systm version.

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Well that was gruesome…

ToS Prep Plan + new FTP/MAP numbers from HM + UAE Tour 1 = :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:

Guess you’re on the right track when you set a new hour record for your effort. Actually only missed hitting a new 20min by a hair.


I’ve got UAE Tour 1 on deck later this afternoon. It will be interesting to see how it goes with my recent HM numbers.

I did UAE 1 earlier today. I kept saying “I can do 5 more minutes.” Eventually, it was over.

Spoiler alert

It was cool to see what it feels like to get dropped on a climb by a pro peloton. Pretty sudden and pretty lonely.


I have completed 183 different rides on Systm. I did 181 at or above the effort recommended by my #s. I have been updating my numbers regularly, last in Dec.

The only 2 that I had to dial back were ProRides. Both times I tried to do one without proper rest. I had done a 90 minute endurance morning ride that went well. I was feeling good that evening so I thought I would try UAE 2. I mean, it’s only 33 minutes…right! WRONG! Kicked my backside hard. Less than half way through I had to dial it back.

The other was UAE 1. I tried to do that one on my 10th consecutive day riding. I made it through the first 50 minutes but couldn’t finish at 100%. So I dialed it back a bit to wrap up.

So my take is, they are hard, but planned with sufficiently fresh legs, they are doable at 100%. I have done five other ProRides at 100%.


I really liked the spikes in effort associated with moving up in the bunch. Also, I find time just flies by in these workouts.

I get the feeling I might need to update my 4DP numbers, as this felt a little bit easier than I was expecting. Time to schedule a FF exam!

Agreed on the sudden and lonely part when the dropping happens.

Yeah, I had my head down and totally missed that move.

Yesterday tried the UAE in the TOS plan. Trying to get back into the plan after a few weeks of ‘rest’ because of a painfull knee. Only did some easy rides, and outdoor cycling to don’t completely drop off.
I did the strenght the day before, and wow that ride was tough, my heartrate was above my threshold right after the warmup. Had to dial down after about 10 minutes into it, and couldn’t even hang on at 90%. I was even wondering whether my trainer was properly calibrated.


It seems to me that taking a few weeks off probably has little effect on generated power. Unless you spent it in bed motionless.

No, I was quite active. Not sure what my point is, besides that the pro ride felt really hard as a first ride back suffering on the indoor trainer.
Thinking about this, maybe the booster shot I got Monday didn’t help either.

I’d rather look for the cause in the vaccine you got. From what I’ve heard, some people feel weak after the vaccine for a few days or more. In any case, I wish you a quick return to full fitness because I know it can be frustrating.

Hey Ivo, as others have said, the pro rides are races and should be seen as such. If you do a race as your first effort back after a while, it sure is going to be super hard. Give yourself a little more time to get back into it.


@TrapMeSuf Agreed - I have done 8 ProRides thus far and the only one I had to dial down was Hammer Chase during the last lap. I was over my limit and definitely too fatigued with prior training before starting it. Now I make sure to come in well rested and hydrated and it has worked out well.


To follow-up, and on the plus side, I feel really good the next morning. So guess I have that going for me, with Butter this afternoon and all…


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