How can I be a Whooligan but not a Sufferlandrian?

But is it still available or did it go away as well…hmmm.

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Still available, if you dare, Victory will be there :wink: and decals, and a certificate, and your name forever etched on the Honour Roll (though that is currently MIA while the minions get all the content ported and sorted :slight_smile: ) Oh, and you can also get the Knight’s jersey CUORE | Men unless you live in the UK cuz Brexit.

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That looks like a proper Sufferlandrian setup - indoor training whilst having darts thrown towards you!

GVA would be proud :scream:


I agree, even though I’m originally from the USA. Hooliganism is not a thing to be proud of, it’s like being called a crook, thief, gangster, etc. the football hooligans didn’t help the status. Sufferlandria, and thus Sufferlandrians, don’t have negative connotations, only the positive:


If you allow me, I’d like to point out that, contrary to popular belief, the, quote-unquote, jokes are not so much designed to make people laugh as they are to make the Suffering more bearable… This might answer some of your questions with regards to the intent and quality of the material…


Might I suggest you read Tolkien’s essay “On Fairy Stories”?

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