Half Monty Results no longer applied in new app

Just did my first workout in the new app and noticed it didn’t apply my Half Monty settings since the last 4DP. I just bumped the numbers up in the workout, but wondering if I need to go ahead and do that in my profile or if the app will start applying those new numbers again.

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I have the same problem. I adjusted my numbers in the Athlete Profile manually but they weren’t applied to the workout and I had to adjust the targets in the workout. I logged a bug regarding this with the minions this morning.

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Did HM this morning - my numbers updated automatically as the app promised they would. On Mac OSX.

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My problem is in iOS, both iPad and iPhone.

Contact the minions, as it should have worked.

I went ahead and submitted a handful of bugs to the minions, including this one :slight_smile: Waiting to hear back, guessing they’re inundated.