Half Monty FTP

Yeah, there’s no way your FTP can be 40W! You even rode the constrained HR section at more than twice that power. Start again and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. ERG on until after the ramp section, then level mode for the constrained HR part.

Hi Steve.
Just my opinion and giving info that seems to have helped me…number one: turn off the “smoothing”. I’ve seen numerous posts that this helps results (I can’t prove it but I get more constant results)
Two: I suggest doing the Full Monty for more complete results. It’s my understanding the Half Monty is for a mid “season“ or “mid program” check-up than a beginning.

I did the half because I had never done a ramp test before. I do want to do the Full Frontal at some point, but I need to prep for it. In the end, this was user error. I mistakenly had both my trainer and power pedals hooked up as power source and it confused the software. I’m going to do another one later this week.

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Retook the test today. FTP is 226. That makes much more sense! Next, on to Full Frontal. :slight_smile: