Half Monty Cadence

When you do the heart-rate constrained part of the Half Monty you should be in level mode and should change the gears on your bike as you would out on the road, the trainer isn’t supposed to be managing the power levels at that point (I don’t believe, it’s a while since I’ve done a Half Monty).

I’m pretty sure the way Half Monty works is that you’re supposed to be in ERG mode for the ramp, then go into level mode for the heart rate constrained section and change gear until you’ve got a comfortable cadence and are within the heart rate range, the entire point is to see how much power you can put out while remaining in that zone, so ERG mode is redundant there.


First time doing the test. I have the same problem as @MikeTB. What is the solution here?

What gear was your bike in for the ERG part of the test?

And were you dual-recording on another device?

Read through all of the responses. Lots of good info. My issue was that I needed to use my small ring and a middle cog. That solved the problem for me.

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@emacdoug I was not dual recording on my setup. At the ramp part, I was on 50 front. I shift a couple times in the rear as I don’t feel like I’m getting much resistance from the trainer. I was at the smallest gear quickly after just a few step. After that the only way to increase power is up my cadence.

@MikeTB If you’re curious, the reason small ring/middle cog works better is that the flywheel in your trainer goes slower. So while the trainer in ERG mode will try to keep you at the same power as you move cadence around (that’s the point of ERG mode), it has a much easier time doing that when the flywheel has less momentum. This is the same reason that a bike stops more quickly when its going slowly than when its going quickly–less momentum to slow down.