GvA snark poll

Is there any SUFF workout with more GvA snark than The Shovel? Honestly the snark to cheer ratio is like 10-1 in that ride!

What SUFF ride is loaded with the most and best GvA snark?

  • The Shovel
  • Definitely The Shovel
  • I know itโ€™s the shovel but Iโ€™m going to choose another workout to show the depth of my Sufferfest knowledge
  • Other

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:joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Half is Easy

Less than 1/2 the time for GvA to berate you vs The Shovel, but Iโ€™ll allow it. :wink:

Similar intervals of short, hard efforts, though. Beginning to see some method to GvAโ€™s madness.

Maybe need to relook Vice Grips, Revolver, and Do As Youโ€™re Told.

You could always just do it twice!

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