Got my butt kicked today

Got me there. Had this name for the last 33 years but I never saw the connection :grin:

FYI, it’s pronounced Yure(e as in Electric) :wink:

I tried the 3:1 low volume for MAP with 3 tough workouts and easier ride on the Weekend with the 3rd hard session. My legs needed the 2 days to recover, I dread to think doing what I might have got with the bigger volume plan.

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What has been your experience with 2:1 plans?

I haven’t tried a 2:1 this was my first time doing a 3:1 after I do the 2 A Week With I’m going into another 3:1 Threshold Plan

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Yes, I could barely do the first two efforts. I don’t think I’ve ever pushed so much watts( only judging by effort). So maybe the numbers are too high.

My current plan is 2:1. I didn’t want to overdo it :sweat_smile:

I’ve only done Half Monty so far. I felt like FF demands a bit more experience in pacing so I thought I’d first go through a beginner plan to get a hang of it. But I guess it would be better if I just did the FF at least I’ll get some more realistic numbers.

Thanks for all the help!

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Yeah, you definitely drained your battery. So with the Half Monty under your belt , you could use those numbers to pace for the 5 min and 20 min efforts and just give it all you’ve got for the 5 sec and 1 min efforts. It’ll give you a good profile of what your strengths and weaknesses are and each plan you select from then on will based on your weakness.



To add to my good friend and Knight, @Coach.Spencer.R comments, watch the vlog on how to best to Full Frontal if it is your first attempt. Sir @Coach.Neal.H has great tips on how to maximize your Suffering and make it through. Any yes, I have to do one myself soon.

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I have had several workouts where I just have not been able to complete. Be aware that some days it is just not your day, or perhaps you are not ready. Last week I dialed Revolver Is Easy Mashup down to 90% at 15 minutes in and then 80% a couple of intervals later and then just gave up, went and had a shower.

What I have found is that I always get stronger and have better days and end up smashing it at a later date.

My first attempt at Violator was great for the first set of intervals but then it all fell apart so fast. Two months later full completion with all power targets hit on the dot.

It is a practice thing. Keep up the great work. It is all worth it.


Just to chip in: I failed a Team Scream not too long ago. Luckily my laptop wasn’t plugged in properly and died before I did.

Now for the next time I did it, I did a few things differently. I :

  • prepared myself mentally for it, starting the day before.
  • made sure I was well rested and properly fed.
  • did the workout at midday, rather than the last thing before bed…

I aced that session. So yes, there’s loads of reasons you can fail a session. Some sessions require just that extra preparation, whereas others you can just turn up.

You may lose a battle but can still win the war.


You had :heart::heart::heart: until this, @PaulC. Kick it down to 60-70%, jump to level mode and spin out. Never quit!

(Totally kidding, btw…you do you. But never quit! :wink:)


So I’ve just completed the FF test.

I did mess up the gearing at the 5min test at the beginning and I could (maybe?) go a bit harder on the 20min test, judging by the fact I could still speed up a bit in the last few minutes… But overall I think it went OK. The numbers are pretty close to the estimated HM results which is quite impressive.

The only real doubt I have is the 5s sprint. My turbo goes up to 800W and I got a result of 740w. I wonder if that may skew the result… Well enough excuses here are my results:



Absolutely agree - The Bat is mentally tough and will get you there.

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Cash Register if you are time crunched as well. Or Who Dares!

Got the Bat coming up again tomorrow. Joy. :grimacing: