GCN Videos -- hidden gems?

erm… no! totally agree. GCN might offer some nicely structured workouts, but they’re mostly delivered with a “free and you can’t opt out” TTBS supplement :roll_eyes:

You know you don’t have to do those workouts, right?

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referred to the TTBS supplement, not to the workout as such

I don’t know what TTBS means

Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome

find more historical information about Sufferlandria here Sufferlandria®: Culture – The Sufferfest


or TR for short :slight_smile: :smiling_imp:

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I think the structure of the workouts is fine, but the video format / content really doesn’t work for me. I like sufferfest because of the humour and being a bit quirky, whilst giving you serious training. I prefer the novid over gcn, and just play some music or watch a replay of a bike race or a video from one of my rides. Yes I do realise I can turn vid off for gcn, but then… Might as well ride a novid…

Sorry :frowning:


New to Sufferfest…GCN spin classes compared to the usual vids = so boring.


I actually find the GCN videos help me get through the suffering. I’ve done the aerobic endurance one a few times (which is a mentally tough session to hit those varying cadence targets) and found the banter and obvious suffering of the GCN crew both amusing and motivating. I suppose it simulates a group workout in that sense. Maybe it helps that I’m from the UK so can relate more to the GCN humour?

So anyway I think the GCN videos are a good addition to the regular SUF library just for a different perspective once in a while.


Muscular Endurance intervals yesterday and VO2max Intervals today. Painful combo, but fun, fast and effective workouts. Pushed my muscular endurance to the limits, but feels great afterwards.

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