From The Coaches: Picking your Plan

What do you suggest for those who’s numbers stopped increasing? I’m always on the All-Purpose Road Intermediate with Strength plan and my numbers stopped increasing sinds May 2020. I never skipped a workout, and had to take it easy with 6 weeks of Building Blocks in September, because I blew myself to bits.

Now I’m considering a SUF coach because I really don’t know what’s going on. The problem is that the increased number system works like a reward, and that’s gone now. Oh and I don’t want to sound frustrated, because I really like what you’re doing.

It may seem counterintuitive to miss a workout to gain overall fitness but actually to miss a workout and just let it go and move on will have a greater benefit for your training progression than if you tried to fit it in or “double up” on the next day. Remember, the body recognizes all forms of stress, not just training stress so if your busy and training doesn’t fit in your body will feel that stress from your day and most likely will need the time to get ready for the next days workout.


Hello, have a question for you…When was the last time you tested? I would do the Full Frontal Prep Plan ( 1 week) and then test to see where you are at the moment. I would also encourage you to purchase a Customized Training Plan so you can speak with a coach who can address your specific needs. You will get “more bang for your buck” with a Customized Plan.

If is very possible that you need more recovery or a 2 week on 1 week recovery training cycle to prevent overreaching and seeing your numbers stagnate.

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The last test was a mid-plan HM on the 22nd of November, and I’m on a 2 weeks on 1 week off plan.

There are some funky things I’m experiencing. Sometimes my legs cave and can’t reach high heart rate targets. And other times the legs are strong, but my heart rate is so high that I have to lower some numbers after my legs stops spinning.

Maybe, but I don’t know for sure, AC is way off…

Would that not depend on whether one has a fixed endpoint such as a race? Could not someone just put off their schedule by a day?

Another possibility, if the exercise that is missed develops a skill that is critical for the goal, and there is no possibility of moving the schedule, would it not be better to do that workout instead of another workout?

Hello, the link below should be a great reference to help give you more information regarding missed workouts. In short, it all depends on why the workout was missed. Stress on the body and the recovery cycle are 2 very important factors. To get in a key workout that overstresses the body will not give you a positive result and you would be better to skip and move on with the plan. Remember the plans have an overall progression that is key to your success.

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I see most of the plans that include strength says its for people that have not done a 4DP test. Does this mean they dont focus on strength/weaknesses?


  • Riders who have NOT taken the Full Frontal fitness test in The Sufferfest app OR for those who wish to base their training on RPE / FTP-based metrics”

Couple of things here…

Why do you feel your AC is off?

There are a couple of factors that can influence what you describe. First, would be dehydration which can effect both heart rate and functionality of extremities. The lower fluid levels cause lower blood volume which in turn can cause heart rate fluctuation and the inability to effectively clear lactic acid in the extremities. Secondly, the need for recovery will manifest itself in both heart rate fluctuation and “heavy legs”. Be sure you are well hydrated for the workouts (start at least 24-36 hours before workout is to begin) and if your morning heart rate is over 5-7 beats higher than normal take a recovery day.

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That is the quandary isn’t it for most of us. To be honest with your time to train is essential for the success of your chosen plan. Creating a truly viable schedule of our daily activities takes practice. The unexpected will always happen but planning is a vital tool to success!

Wow thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction!

I think AC is off because during the second half of the micro intervals in Revolver is Easy I couldn’t hold the AC power targets. It was almost impossible, the only thing that I could do is to raise cadence to 120 rpm and then fade.

My daily fluid intake is 4 times 500ml water with protein powder. And in the morning a glass of water (300 ml) after that 2 or 3 cups of coffee (200/300 ml). During the day roughly 1 liter more. The total intake is between 3 and 4 liters.
Oh and during workouts I don’t drink, because heart rate will climb and I really need to recover between intervals.

Maybe what follows is causing to much training stress and leaving me far more fatigued than planned.
In January 2020 I super sized the strength training plan, because I wanted a more challenging strength plan. In stead of the standard Intermediate lvl 4-6 I do 3 times Intermediate lvl 5 and 4 times Intermediate lvl 6. Lastly in week 11 Intermediate lvl 2. During recovery weeks I follow the standard strength workouts as planned. This “feels” good, and I’m 2 years with the Sufferfest by now.

PS there is nothing, really nothing out there that provides what you’re providing. And wow… After the Sufferfest merged with Wahoo it took off like a rocket. New forum, new videos, more articles. And what I read is there’s even more to come. Really jawbreaking! I’m really happy with you guys…

What are your thoughts on moving a rest day forward or a session back a day? i.e. if I wake up and my HRV is terrible, but I’m meant to have ‘The Shovel’ on deck today, and a rest day the following day. I’ve been trying to listen to my body a bit more (with good results so far on this plan) and wanted to make sure that’s not a crazy approach as long as I’m not creating either multiple days of heavy load with no rest day, or multiple sessions per day.


If your plan is not aimed at a fixed end(i.e. race on on a certain day), I see no reason not to insert a rest day and push the schedule back.

If you do have a fixed end and you have to insert a rest day, it would seem you have to skip a workout. Nothing wrong with that as doing a workout while fatigued may not achieve the goal for which the workout is designed, or perhaps even cause you to get sick.

The workout you skip, however, might not be the one scheduled for the day you miss. I would adjust the schedule so that the workout you skip that week is the one that is the least critical for your success.

Hi! I am currently suffering through the Preseason Mountain Bike program but would like to do more outdoor riding with a Fat Bike in the snow. What do you recommend I do within the scheduled workouts?

Does this mean that if we were to be at pretty much 100% compliance we should be extra careful to watch for over-training? If we felt we needed to plan an extra day’s rest in the week, which workout should be omitted? Or is it a see if keep going and if resting HR gets out of hand, them change to a rest day?

Great question! As long as you have tested within the last 6 weeks or at the beginning of your plan. The plan is written to prevent overreaching even if followed 100%. There are a certain number of key workouts per week working your strengths and your weaknesses to give you the perfect mix without extending you too far. Training impact is very individual and to that point, this is what makes Wahoo/The SUF Training more beneficial in that each training session is based on your specific 4DP profile and needs.

Monitoring training readiness is vital to your plans success. Everyone should monitor hours of sleep, stress levels, morning resting heart rate, hydration and fueling before beginning a workout. If your MRHR is 5-7 beats above average you may be in need of recovery. Take a day if you need a day. You will gain more than you lose. Training stressed, tired, under hydrated or under fueled or not feeling well will cause a large deficit in your energy systems that will have an impact on future workouts. Once you do the work, recovery is where the gains are made!


How can we determine an average MRHR? Is it the average of let’s say a week or the average of the 5 or 10 minute measurement?

I would suggest that you take your morning resting heart rate at the same time each morning before getting out of bed for a week to get your average. You can do this manually or with a device or app, whichever you decide, be consistent. Need for recovery, sleep hours and hydration levels can easily affect your heart rate. It’s all about establishing a pattern!


Do you mind sharing a screen shot of what you are seeing and which plan you are referencing?

Thank you

I would recommend completing your intervals first but you could add a couple of hours at Z2-Z3 intensity during your non recovery weeks. In terms of which day, that would be up to your schedule. Remember, this is an additional training stress to it will effect future workouts. If your looking for a more individualized plan you could always purchase a Customized Training Plan.


Hilly grand fondo, pick with strength… you will see says for riders who not done 4dp. There other plans also, just not at pc to check quickly.

As posted on other thread, i picked it up as the “strength plan” had almost no session focused on my weakness where the “no strength” had fair a amount. Might be coincidence, but not sure