FOTO (aka Fear of "The Omnium")

Since there is communication going on about Full Frontal Fear in the trainig section I want to report of experiencing F.O.T.O. last night after realising “The Omnium” was on the menu for today. That Fear of The Omnium almost got me a sleepless night. But I managed it this morning and felt very proud. Especially since the Kilo did not kill me and I almost made the last sprint except for the last three seconds or so.


New numbers needed

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Way ti go!

I confirm a positive for F.O.9.H. Here :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::scream:


I like the omnium because of the variety. I’ve broken my one minute record on it before. I quite like blender and all the mashups too. It’s the ones where the same thing is targeted again and again. The last minute in 9 hammers is vile. Never done it.

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Well Done!!! I did it as well a few days ago. What an Epic Spin.
HooYah!!! to you and well done.


I fear the Omnium too. Destroys me every time. Prefer hammers and dark places.

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Have to say I had that same fear when it popped up in my training plan for what would be my second attempt - this time with higher power targets. I admit to considering reducing the numbers. But I decided to just give it a go at 100%, anyway, and be more forgiving of myself if I couldn’t hit all the numbers. Instead I rocked it with better numbers and less fatigue (both during and after) than the first time. I find this happens with almost every workout. The first time is always the worst. Except for The Shovel. The Shovel kills me every time. :hot_face:


Reading this thread this morning finally encouraged me to overcome my own F.O.T.O. so thanks for the inspiration! :+1:

I have a couple of questions about this video:

  1. I managed to complete the workout in terms of power, but wasn’t able to hold the high cadence numbers all the way to the end in most of the events… would it have been better to slightly reduce intensity in order to be able to hit both power and cadence targets?

  2. I failed to get the wheels in motion at the standing start of the 1k event, so rewinded the video 30 seconds and then succeeded at my 2nd attempt. Would switching to a lighter gear help, even when riding in ERG mode? Or any other advice on standing starts? Never done them before…

  3. Anyone else hyperventilating after the last event? :joy:



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As I have mentioned elsewhere, the last 45 seconds of the Omnium is the closest I have ever gotten to reverse peristalsis on a bicycle.

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I am glad to see there are others with similar fears as myself… FOTO is real… But to win, one must face their fears head on. :cold_sweat: :skull_and_crossbones: