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this is a SNAP question…so…a little new to this power trainer game…in ERG mode I seem to run out of gear, especially on efforts that go above FTP…spindown is correct, doesn’t seem to be any problem there…am I missing something?, should I be in standard mode?, and what setting should that be on?..thanks

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As a general rule, ERG mode should not require changing gears. It is intended as a mode for you to more closely follow the cadence and the trainer itself will adjust the wattage required. It may also in part depend on the particular workout you are doing eg. really short sprint efforts like in Violator or Half is Easy are generally best done in level mode where you select the gear while most of the other workouts can be done effectively in ERG mode. The Fitness test Full Frontal should be done entirely in Level mode, and the Fitness test Half-Monty uses both ERG and Level mode so you just follow the on-screen instructions.

Here is a good article on ERG mode

Usually, when I am in ERG I keep the chain on the small front ring and stay about mid cassette to keep as straight a chain line as possible.

Here is a good article on Level mode and how best to use it


Thanks Glen this answered a bunch of my questions


I’m always happy to help others suffer @jimiblue. Welcome to the forums where everyone knows your pain :wink:

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