Elevation on Kickr Bike in ERG mode?

Am I sensing this right when using the elevation buttons and ERG mode on the Kicker Bike:

  1. Start session in ERG mode and unlocked
  2. Dislike how the elevation in the session NEVER matches what you see or they say in the session
  3. Increase elevation by using button on left hood, which kicks the bike into locked mode
  4. Power stays in ERG mode and I ride along happily – elevated – with power changing based on session but now I am in full control of elevation

Is this working as expected for others? Seems to be a good blend of ERG with still some control for the rider. I don’t remember of SUF app behaved this way or if this is something new in SYSTM.

Also hoping I am not highlighting a “bug” that I think is actually a feature.

What say you folks?