Elemnt in passive mode. Cannot see target power, target cadence

I have been using my Kickr Core connected to my ipad.
Today I connected my Wahoo Element Bolt too, as I figured that I could watch a movie on the ipad on full screen and keep an eye on the data on the bike computer.
I had no problems receiving the power and cadence, but I could not see the following:

  • target power
  • target cadence
  • interval time
  • remaining time

See the images below. Am I doing anything wrong or is this just no possible at the moment?

Thanks, Álvaro

Yeah the bolt doesn’t connect to the app in any way, it’s just reading the output from your trainer. Passive mode just means it’s not sending any command to the trainer itself i.e. it’s letting whatever else is controlling it to do it’s thing.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
That is a pity. It would be cool if it could be implemented.


I second that!

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It would maybe help to turn this round the other way.

  • The trainer needs controlled by ‘something’
  • Trainers can emit data about what they’re doing (eg power and cadence)

Currently most software suppliers control the trainer directly via ANT / Bluetooth and they (where ERG is in use will tell the trainer what power should be ‘set/held’ when the rider is pedalling).

The trainer (let’s say an Elite smart trainer for example) can transmit (often in 2-3 channels or more) what it is then doing.

As far as I am aware the Smart trainers in existence (Elite, Tacx, Wahoo etc etc etc) only emit the actual watts and cadence that they detect.

So to implement that, we’d need all smart trainer manufacturers to start transmitting additional data that they received from the controlling software.

(Caveat: Maybe this does happen, I’m just not aware of that use case being addressed at all - my experience is with Tacx and Elite)

Does that help/make sense?

Rather than doing that - it is not unusual for some companies to allow a download of the workout to a bike computer.

Then, with companies who offer that function, you could achieve sort of the same thing by running the workout entirely from the bike computer - so it’s for the target info already and it’s controlling the trainer.

The your iPad is redundant and you can watch whatever you want.

With SUF, I think way in the past this was do’able without too much hassle. I don’t think we can at the moment.

I’m sure one of the team can update us on whether the ‘share to bike computer’ option will at some point reappear?

I would tend to think that SUF could easily send this info to the trainer and then over to the bike computer.
Share to bike computer would also be nice!

I hope we hear from SUF in this thread =)

You wouldn’t really be able to use the trainer as a bridge as it isn’t part of the industry standard for Ant+ FEC and the Bluetooth Smart standards. Plus it would need development of the whole head unit software as that too doesn’t currently have the functionality to support it. So I’d say it’s extremely unlikely to happen given the massive amount of work required for very limited benefit given all the info is already displayed in the app itself.

You can put the app into mini mode which just displays the metrics allowing you to watch a movie at the same time

Unfortunately there isn’t mini mode supported on the ipad

As has been noted before the trainer is directly controlled by a device via BTLE or Ant+ and the protocols associated with them. To have any target data on the Elemnt would require a structured workout to be run from the unit and have that control the trainer.
One such work around might be creating the workout in TrainingPeaks or something similar that can be paired to the unit and thus run from there.

Although the simplest way to achieve what you want would be if the iPad app supported split screen. Of course it won’t give you a ‘full screen’ experience and there is the issue of multiple sound sources but it might be a possibility.