Different speed cassettes

Kickr V5
Is the cadence affected When using different speed cassettes ie 10speed, 11speed?

I have a 10 speed bike on the trainer, and use a 11speed on the road. Are the cadence the same?

Does ERG mode effect it?

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Not sure I understand your question entirely, but for the purposes of your workout, no, cadence targets do not change based on your cassette.

ERG mode is the easiest. Pick any gear and just follow the cadence targets on the screen.

No - cadence is measured by the kickr based on all parts of info it received around your pedal stroke.

So cassette is irrelevant.

Though there are some odd scenarios I’ve found with big cogs where cadence gets reported as zero, but that’s not a cassette speed dependent thing.

ERG - just used to set power and doesn’t affect reported cadence from my experience.

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