Devices tab

When setting up a workout on the Devices tab, I find that sometimes I cannot see all of my connected devices. Is there a way to scroll down through the list or make this window bigger?

On the iPad app and the Mac app (I haven’t used Windows or Android), the devices list scrolls down—I think by swiping up.

Thanks AkaPete, I am using Windows.

It should scroll somehow. If not, I’d contact customer support.

You can use the down key on the keyboard to scroll down the list. However, you need to know that this will also reduce the intensity of the session. I have had a few workouts where I have realised a few minutes in that I’m not suffering as much as I should be because of this.

@jthulin you should be able to use your mouse scroll wheel or your trackpad to scroll through anything that is scrollable. On a MacBook (which I imagine is much like the Windows app) during a workout, the down arrows will decrease your ride intensity in 1% increments and not scroll as it would in other apps. If this is still a problem for you, as suggested above, you should probably submit a support request to the minions