Connecting to Garmin Connect

There’s an option for SYSTM to send a copy of the workout to your email. Same window where you connect garmin etc to SYSTM

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Thank you, the files are attached to the email!

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Hey Systm team, I believe you have an issue with your api :slight_smile:

I reinstalled the last version of sufferfest, logged in with my Systm credentials, and connected to Garmin. Same Problem here, at first glance. But when opening the Systm app, I noticed that the Garmin account is connected.

The problem is solved for me. The training effect is still absent.

@arthur Are you sure you have everything setup correctly in Garmin ecosystem? Training effect status is calculated on Garmin device (latest Edge devices or watches, older devices does not support this function) and you must synchronize workout twice. Also I think that Physio Trueup function must be enabled. For me the Garmin training effect status works fine with Systm.

Edit: I apologize for mixing the terms in this post. I originally wrote mistakenly “training effect” but I meant “training status”, which is something different. Thanks @arthur for pointing it out.

The training status is calculated on Garmin devices and it seems to work on my Fenix watch.
The training effect is not provided and has never been.


We just pushed a fix that should make it so that you are able to connect your Garmin account reliably now. We had a bug in our OAuth code that was made much worse when we scaled to multiple API servers when we launched SYSTM. It made it so authenticating Garmin almost always failed.
Can you try connecting your Garmin account and let me know if it works for you now?


Works for me now, you may want to make an announcement.


Hi, Garmin connection also works for me now (and didn’t before)

Thank you!


I made the connection with Garmin again and now it is in my authorized apps and stays connect. Thanks.

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Working now!


Can confirm - Garmin is back! cc @OliveClogs @Mugo @Lisa1010 @jacek @AdamITR @arthur @Simon46 @Daniel1


New SYSTM user here - I’ve been able to connect to Strava and Garmin Connect and can see the activities in both accounts but Garmin Connect is not recognising them regarding Training Status - should I be doing something else to get them to be used?

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The training status/load is calculated on your watch or edge computer. You have to turn on one of those, let it sync with connect to pull down the file and calculate. Then it has to sync again to send the calculated load and stays back to garmin connect

Fenix 5 Plus sync’d (several times today already since the activity this morning), Physio True up enabled (as it always is), activities showing on my watch, iPhone app and web version but no Training Status :frowning:

Is the training status and load updated on your watch?

Thanks for helping out - No it just shows the activity

I’m getting the same now, I can see the workout in Garmin Connect, so it’s exported correctly but it has no impact on training status or load. I’ve sync’d my Garmin 530 multiple times but nothing is showing

Same issue and this was fixed recently.

Wahoo fixed it at their end by changing the text in the .fit file back to Sufferfest. I suspect Garmin has finally caught up and now looking for the “Systm” text which of course is no longer there.
@gpsjared FYI