Can't find past rides in the new app?

They’re working on it, it will be coming back.
The apps only been out a month or so, that’s not all that “so long”.
The new platform will make future development easier, but that still doesn’t make software development “click a button and this appears”.
They’re aware it’s something we all want, there are a bunch of other bits and pieces too, it’s all being worked on but they need to prioritise work for both efficiency and to target the biggest wins.

Basically, we just need to be a little patient.


Yeah, I’m kind of done waiting patiently. I’m a paying customer of a service that has declined significantly in quality and features over the last 3 months. Adding last ridden and number of times ridding to the workout description pages is NOT some massive undertaking, nor is adding the ability to sort by last ridden/watched.

On top of that, the last couple versions of the software have been incredibly buggy on Windows, with Yoga and Strength videos not completing the workout at the end and just starting to replay the video again, frequent slowdowns and dropouts on video streaming (I have a gigabit connection, it ain’t on my end), and now for whatever reason my app is not auto-updating to the latest version.

I’ll be canceling my subscription shortly unless there is a massive turnaround. It’s unfortunate as I used to really enjoy the app, but most times I try to use it now I just end up fighting bugs and missing features.

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Perhaps it does not work an other platforms, but on Mac Osx, as I’ve not uninstalled TheSufferfest app, I’m still able to see my history.

Same here: I am of the same opinion - shouldn’t be that hard to show a history of activities. I am also finding numerous bugs on the Windows version, the last being graphics are incredibly buggy to the point you can’t really make out the numbers on screen, and this on a 32" monitor that had worked perfectly up till now. Still have a month to go on my annual subscription but will not be renewing if they don’t attend user requests and solve the issues that are plaguing the app…

If you are having issues, contact the minions for help. The only issue I’m having is that MacOS Monterey broke Kickr climb support over Bluetooth.

You could also try downloading the video ahead of time, that’s been a workaround since the previous app.

Finally, I’d like to counter with some positives about the new app, because there are benefits to it as well:

  1. Improved categorization of content
  2. Pro Rides are amazing, puts you in the middle of the Pro Peloton. No other app does this.
  3. On Location what I like about this is the tour guide which helps me understand more about the region I’m riding in. Other apps show great rides but no commentary about it.
  4. Frequency of updates and bug fixes — they are working hard to fix problems and add features. This is encouraging but can require a bit of patience. They are putting out multiple updates per month.
  5. Running, swimming — I’m assuming some people use this