Can we have an Android App

Thanks for all the thoughts, guys. We actually have an Android prototype that we’re in the early stages of testing now. I won’t go into all the reasons why it’s taken so long – I can only say we’re trying our hardest and apologize for it taking so long.

I know we’ve been a bit quiet about our future plans. We are working on some pretty massive things right now – Android is a part of the picture – I can’t go into what they are, but I’ll do my best to share some of that roadmap as we get a little further down the, uh, road. In the meantime, do please keep sharing your feedback, wishes for future development, etc. It helps us make sure we’re on the right path.


yeah, looking forward to that. as far as apple goes, I bought an ipod last year for scientific reasons (e.g. the jump app by the Balsalobre group and some other stuff that runs better with apple) but what keeps confusing me are the two different SUF apps - and none of the sport the Knights only vintage version of the workout we shouldn’t talk about

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Two suf apps??

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4 month ago, with the release of the 6.11.0 app, they released a new app. The old one won’t receive any updates and will probably be removed at some point.
If I remember correctly there was a problem with store guidelines or the way the app was created, and the easy solution was to offer a whole new app.

The app itself is identical. Only a few bug fixes since then.

I hope my explanation is accurate - due to my limited technical knowledge. :slight_smile:


is there any way to be part of the beta testing team of the app? I just got a wahoo kickr core and only have an android tablet … Might have to go with one of the other options out there that do support android and once you’re locked in… :wink:


I’m having that same issue with my iPad mini 4. It is really frustrating running either up and down the stairs to the basement TV, or trying to find a spot on the main floor to be able to set up and ride, or do yoga, or any of the other workouts.

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Beta tester?? We have a true Sufferlanfrian here!

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I just renewed my SUF subscription for another year, but if no android app comes up, I’ll shop around for another training companion software afterwards!

I really enjoy sufferfest, it helped me achieving goals, the 4dp-test gives way more insight than a regular ftp, the whole environment with mental and physical strength as well as yoga offers a great value as well.

But… This does not help me, if I can’t access any of this as soon, as I am working abroad or am on vacation.
2020 is more than half gone, having either an android app or a dynamic mobile page which allows at least to access anything but the cycling workouts is not too much to ask.


Still nothing? :frowning:

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With the announcement today of the Peloton+ bike’s new resistance system . . . we really need that Android so we can hack/load Sufferfest onto the Peloton that my wife will want very soon. My main issue with them has now been resolved. :-o


I’m still hopeful here, but I’ll be honest it’s disappointing. There has been discussion of a “prototype” now for years (literally since right after the new app was released for PC). This isn’t 2009, in the early days of mobile app development. There are tools that make this seamless across platforms that are readily available here.

I still dream of plugging in my S10 to my TV to enter Sufferlandria…


Hopefully, you will announce beta testing, as the SUFseason is close now … eager to give it a try and some sweat!


Just for feedback - went back to fulgaz because they have an android app which makes starting sessions so much quicker than connecting the PC to TV all the time. Preferred sufferfest app taking too long and fed up with waiting.

When you do an Android app, can you please add Android TV support (Nvidia Shield in particular) or Chromecast support.

Really love the Sufferfest but dragging my laptop around is getting annoying (I don’t do Apple)


Dear 'fest team,

I am waiting patiently for an update here — the Android app would solve a lot of unnecessary hassle and make my Suffering so much more enjoyable!

I am sure you can make it :slight_smile:

Thank you.



+1 for an android app.

It would be great if you could also provide some sort of roadmap for your planned development of sufferfest ie Android app, Apple TV, chrome cast support, Zwift companion app equivalent. It’s all a bit too vague to instill any confidence. This might help to tempt me to get a years subscription instead of looking in envy at other similar apps that support these features.



I’m buying a Wahoo Kickr Core somewhere in the coming weeks, and I’ve been searching the internet for which training apps to use.
A working Android app is absolutely pivotal in my choice between Zwift and Sufferfest and, right now, Zwift is winning the race.
Come on guys, I know you can do better!


I’m one of those no Apple Products guys. I currently trying Sufferfest and really enjoy it. However, without an Android app it isjust of little us for me, as I do not always want to use my computer.
I fully understand that developing an app for a new plattform is always demanding, at least some timeline would be helpfull.
Otherwise, I will again go for another product for the coming year.


Update: We’re currently testing an Android beta. At the moment, if everything goes smoothly (and it really does need to go smoothly), we’re planning to launch it in February.


Read this thread What the SUF? Latest news on new videos and more: it’s coming, and from what Sir David is saying, it’s going to be great.

I know the wait for Android is frustrating, but it looks like we’re almost there - and one thing I do believe, having read that, is that they’re working as hard as they can. I understand why Zwift might look more attractive now, but I’ve seen a few SUF updates over the years, and when they say that what’s coming up is exciting, they tend to mean it. Patience…