Calendar, yes, another calendar topic

I know there are many topics already on the matter, but as it stands, the calendar is borderline useless.

We really, Really, REALLY need to be able to edit the darn thing, get this, like a calendar. With a busy schedule outside of training, I need to be able to restructure some weeks to accommodate ebbs and flows with work/family.

I love the community and the training software itself and have been a member of SUF nation since the video download days.
But the calendar right now is abysmal =(


If you mean to move workouts, you can do this manually by editing the scheduled date.

Not as smooth as drag-and-drop but possible.

I get the impression the OP means to be able to use the calendar as a proper calendar rather than just a Sufferfest calendar.

It would be really good if you could have it sync with other calendars.

I would suggest that the original request essentially runs along the lines of:
“I have a lot of days throughout the year where I have obligations I am already aware of, I would like to be able to pre-load these into my calendar and therefore have my exercise schedule work around them” or at least make them visible so that you can see how your SUF workload is lining up with other real-life activities.

Simply a calendar sync to Google/Outlook calendars would be awesome purely for visibility. Allows you to plan your days a bit more… “Oh, this day I’ve got a meeting at 4-5:30 so I need to get in my ride before work”, “Ah, that day is Mary’s birthday lunch and we’ll be out for the day so I need to move that ride to another day” etc


I don’t disagree I’d just thought I’d take a moment to clarify what can be done rather than highlight the calendar’s shortcomings.

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Agree - a sync to Google would be fantastic! At the moment I plan my exercise on Final surge - which does share to google. (and Suff plans are also available via Final surge - or were???)Not quite what people want perhaps but it works for me.

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The old plans are available on Training Peaks and Final Surge. I think the minions will provide the new ones if you really ask nicely but naturally prefer that the plans are delivered natively.

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Nah, I have my Google calendar for that non-bike stuff. And while it WOULD be cool for integration like that, that would be going about fifty steps further than about every fitness calendar I’ve ever seen. So it would be sweet, but hardly reasonable to expect.

I just mean the ease of use. Following the directions above, which are appreciated, is a pretty kluge implementation. For instance, how about some ‘drag and drop’ QoL. :man_shrugging:

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The current calendar is fine for me. A workout builder option would be the next thing to be focussed on I think.

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I’m ok letting the people with degrees in physiology do that part for me.

Android app would be great for checking and editing your account but no sign of one yet really frustrating.

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I agree that I would like to be able to edit a training program a little bit more. I do use the “change the date” function quite a bit when work, family, etc. get in the way. However, it would also be nice to be able to drop a completely different workout that wasn’t within the plan into the calendar.

In the meantime, I tend to export all of my workouts from Suff, to Strava, then to Intervals keeps a good log of all workouts completed, etc. Though, it doesn’t let you log a workout until completed, so it definitely doesn’t allow you to visualize your future planning.

Two-way communication with Strava would be cool too.
Would be nice to see non-SUF activities be visible on the SUF calendar.


I’d be really happy if the calendar had a feed URL or subscribe option so I could see my workout plan on my regular daily calendar.


I too would like to be able to insert other workouts completed or planned into the calendar and would like to have the distance/time counted in the summary if completed…I am using garmin connect and Golden Cheetah to have an accurate overall summary

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I’d also like to be able to add outdoor rides to the calendar.

I tried final surge, and it is not working. Time to try again, I guess. Thank you