Cadence (randomly) displaying incorrectly

Hi there,

Today I installed my new Kickr Core. It is working fine, except for one thing:
The cadence displayed in the Sufferfest app is showing very strange fluctuations.
I am pedalling steadily at 90 RPM, then suddenly the cadence displayed goes from 90 to 120 RPM, while I am still pedalling at the same cadence… after a while it is suddenly showing 90 RPM again, then later it switches back to 120, etc… The changes occur every 10-20 seconds or so.

Does anybody have an idea what could be going on here? And what I could do about this? :slight_smile:



Btw the same is happening with the displayed cadence in the Wahoo app, so it is not a Sufferfest software issue, but I could still use your help!

Hey @madmax I’d recommend submitting a help ticket with Wahoo Support so that they can dig into this for you.