Back to train after summer and injury

I’ve just renewed my subscription after about a year away to ride outside and subsequently crashing sustaining a shoulder and knee injury. Been slowly getting back in action and currently doing physical therapy for meniscus rear(10 weeks post surgery). I want to start with the 6 week back to fitness but am concerned that using my old 4DP numbers will be a little much. I was sorry to see the old Sufferfest go away, but the new app looks pretty sweet, hopefully the laser goats are still in there somewhere

@Skfinch Don’t worry - all of the Sufferfest videos are still there including Full Frontal. Yes - definitely retest. Try the Half Monty first to get your FTP and MAP and then sign up for the Full Frontal prep week.

Been there, right there with you. Might I suggest that, rather than retest, you manually adjust your numbers down as you work through your therapy? Dial in a low % and just boost the #'s as you’re feeling better and/or stronger, until your back to full capacity and cleared by a doc.

Seems to me like testing at this point is unnecessary stress to your body when you’re trying to recover.

I hear you, been there myself, hit & run. Can I suggest just spend the next 4-6 weeks just riding your bike as often as you can? Don’t get worked up about numbers. Need to get your body, and mindset comfortable again riding. Make it become a habit, as in time, repeating habits become norms. Best of luck.


My thoughts echo those of @CPT_A and @drustan: Take your time and focus on your recovery and rehab from injury first and foremost. That takes a good amount of effort on its own.

FWIW I’m now 10 weeks post shoulder surgery, started limited strength/ core work at 2w post-op, on the trainer at 4w post-op (couldn’t reach the bars with my right hand then) and just rode Recovery rides for 2 weeks. Then did Base Block with my FTP manually dialed down 10%. Did HM today (felt good, numbers up from my predicted ones) and feel I’ll probably be ready for more intense workouts in a few more weeks time. FF maybe in 4-5w. Regardless of just Z1/ 2 work I’m definitely getting fitter again (despite missing the high intensity stuff).

As a side note, with the launch of SYSTM there are loads of new Inspiration videos that target Z1 and Z2 - I’ve been “racing” through them. Might work for you.