Apple TV app

It already works on iPhone, IPad, intel and M1 macOS, assuming you already have one of those devices if you already have AppleTV? If I want to play my workouts on as big screen I use a lightning-HDMI adapter. Only cost £49 and is immune to WiFi interference.

I use the same set up, works great. Not sure what the benefit of apply TV is.

It should of read. : no go for me unless there is some APPLE TV interface.

My set up is in my garage: A TV that is connected via Apple TV, via which I can connect to other training systems (Swift etc).

I don’t own a Mac or iPad. I do own an iPhone but it wouldn’t provide the experience I would like.

So, I’m still holding out for Apple TV connection. And I’m sure I’m not the only person in this situation.

Regards, Kenco

I’ve got a AppleTV that I use for Zwift, I screen mirror from my phone to the Apple TV, not ideal, but it works

Exactly - not ideal (screen mirroring)

However, there is a solution - an Apple TV app

That is what I would like before I start paying a monthly subscription.

Well as Apple TV is so important to you, I would be looking at platforms do Support Apple TV (Zwift & RGT) as according to DC Rainmaker there are no plans

And with all the demands in this forum for new functionality, I’d be surprised if they change their mind in the near future

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@Kenco An iPhone works great when using a lightning to HDMI connector. I have been using that method over the past year.

What does appleTV do that a hdmi/lightning cable does not?


AppleTV is a convenience. Small box, excellent execution for supported apps, and reliable ease of use. I currently use a tower computer with gaming GPU to run zwift, systm, rouvy, etc. Systm is the only app not available for the services I use. I use appleTV for my home entertainment and would love to simplify my hardware to just using the appleTV. Simple as that. SYSTM release took quite some time (I participated in beta). It hit the market (IMO) with a long way to go – calendar for example is an improvement over The Suff app but nowhere near where it needs to be. With wahoo resources I expect more from SYSTM with appletv support included, particularly given how pricey the subscription is.

My quick search suggested SYSTM is about the same cost as Zwift and a little cheaper than Rouvy (for a one year payment).

Given the range of content, I don’t believe it is “pricey”, stand-alone or compared to similar.

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I stand corrected. I was confusing Rouvy sub price ($144 per annum) with SYSTM. Although Rouvy does support appleTV. I am first and foremost a Sufferlandrian if I can still use that term. However, I would like to see a faster pace of feature development particularly now that they have wahoo behind them financially.

An iPhone does not work great when you need to have the phone available at all times. Count me as another one who wants an Apple TV app.

iPhone and lightning-HDMI does not provide full screen video on a TV (no matter what display settings you use). Same applies for mirroring from an iPhone to an AppleTV.

This is not an iPhone limitation, it’s a limitation of the SYSTM app. Other iPhone apps like Netflix, Slides and plenty of others do, however, SYSTM does not provide this functionally.

If you want to use a TV then you really can not compare using a lightning cable to an AppleTV experience.

NOTE: if you use HDMI from a computer (I connect via a MacBook Pro) then you do get full screen video. But having to connect my laptop to the TV every time I want to do a sufferfest video is a PITA.

Hopefully if ATV is still a while away at least the iPhone SYSTM app could be updated to support fullscreen via HDMI??

I would prefer this to airplay btw (frame rates would be better with lightning).

@ironclm Sure - same for me. I haven’t had an issue with the app preventing phone calls and texts when running on my phone. If I get an emergency call I can pause the video and take the call.

That would entail actually getting off the bike and going over and picking up the phone and answering it. So that will not be happening.

@ironclm Sounds like you will probably need a longer HDMI cable to make it work. Mine is 6 or 8 feet and it reaches from the TV to my handlebars. I have seen cables as long as 20 feet and they are inexpensive - under $20. Using the HDMI Lighting Adapter also allows you to charge the phone while you workout.