App 6.2,3,0 wouldn't start

had similar problems to this post but it is marked as closed.

app wouldn’t start, rebooted pc didn’t solve problem. removed app using windows, rebooted, now install wouldn’t start. add short cut, entry in programs, task mgr shows around 10% cpu. no splash screen from windows saying allow to update system. trying running install in compatibility mode, same results.

i had been using app. for awhile with no problems

Made some progress. found 6.19.0 version on another system. also went to c:/users/(my user)/appdata/roaming and deleted the sufferfest folder. now sufferfest installs and runs. found my calendars. still need to do a workout. once i get caught up on my workouts i can try 6.23.0, i suspect the stuff in roaming was corrupted

Hey… yeah, I had similar problems…

I went for the older version too and run it… it wanted to auto update to the latest version. It was at this point I deleted all Suf program data, downloaded videos and also all registry keys. (Plus a fresh install)

Then I opted for the compatiblity troubleshooter… then it worked as expected. I have now gained confidence in this mode and all seems to run fine.

Hope you get it stabilised!


What version of Windows are you running? Windows 10/11 is a requirement for 6.2.3

windows 10 for years. but i think the problem is my c"/users/(user name)/roaming/sufferfest was corrupted. don’t know exactly what, and a quick review it didn’t look like i would loose anything by just deleting it. probably did loose my down loaded videos.