🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Thanks David I’ll try that. Although at the end of the tool shed this morning was closing my eyes and hanging for dear life so wasn’t a issue.

Really looking forward to seeing how the app develops.



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I still want to identify as a Sufferlandrian! :angry:


Excellent! CUORE | Welcome To Sufferlandria :wink:


Look, I like the look of the app and everything, but since the update, my Coros Pace 2 no longer gets picked up. Wasn’t an issue in Suff, still works fine in the Wahoo app, and it works on the android app via chromebook. But, I’m primarily using iOS right now due to location of my trainer + no chromebook / laptop stand. Unfortuantely, this is a bit of a deal breaker :frowning:

No download option yet so it seems for the android app unless I just can’t find it just yet

We haven’t built downloads for Android yet – only streaming at the moment, I’m afraid. We’re trying to figure out when we can get that built.


I really like being able to use my android tablet for workouts now, its more convenient than setting up my laptop.
Only problem is, my tablet seems to have more issues streaming/buffering than my other devices, so would definitively love to be able to download in the future.


Absolutely loving the new content!
I’ve tried the new strength core and dynamic sessions and loved both. The updated yoga and strength are a huge improvement too…much more fluid.
Took your recommendation and did the proride giro. Actually had to hold my breath and close my eyes when I got squeezed between the pack and the stone wall picking up a bottle. I guess that proves that in real life I’m more comfortable doing solo endurance!
I’ve been on location with Mike and am looking forward to the TdF with the Wolfpack this afternoon.
Thanks for making the winter season not just bearable but exciting and positve!



I can I forgive rushing out a new app and using your paying customers to debug an MVP, well almost.

I can put up with ‘SYSTM’ instead of ‘SuffR’ and a dull vanilla app as a starter, which will improve over time.

My suffering is now having to live with the following changes:

  • the dumbing down of the IF

  • the dumbing down of the Intros

  • The ‘Big Mountain’

  • The bleaching out of ‘Suffering’

Like many I was prepared to sign in blood to “Sufferlandria, a place you can never leave” …. but wtf, it turns out it can leave you!

I do get it’s in there, but the suppression is significant, like there’s an intention to hide it, which just feels suspicious (feels wrong).

I just hope hope once the launch noise abates; the debugging’s done; you’ve added back popular features lost and maybe add a few more …. I hope you can roll back on the cultural glory of Suffefest which has been overly culled imo.

Please :pray:t2:?

You guys quite brilliantly curated some special sauce there, over time, with all those touch points. That’s super hard to achieve, which other far bigger brands would kill for, and in so doing you created an Apple’esk loyalty amongst your followers, a significant proportion of whom are clearly hurting.

For me, it just feels like you are spilling too much of that special sauce here, with all this. I hope not too much.

Whether you do or not I will always be a ‘Sufferlandrian’ at heart, but I will never ever be a ‘Wahooligan’ - a word that I submit is arguably MORE offensive and off-putting :face_vomiting:


Where does wahoo state the kickr bike is not recommended for cadences above 125? I can not find this information in the manual or their product page. This would be a serious downside to it.

Less than stellar experience so far on macOS. Wednesday I’ve tried On Location: Luberan. It might be a an interesting ride but in my case the video looked like 640*480 mpg video from the 80s. Yesterday I’ve tried I. Boswell: Race winning efforts. Looked good in the beginning. After the first sprint effort video went black and the clocks stopped. No matter what I’ve tried to resurrect the workout it didn’t work. Next try On Location: Les Baronnies. Finally something that worked and looked awesome.
I’ve tried to download the videos in advance. But after a couple of seconds a download failed message popped up. My 100mbps connection was mostly idle.
Is download supposed to work an macOS?

A major omission for me is the missing switching account functionality. I share my PC and trainer with my girlfriend. Account switching is an essential feature for us. Many of my friends use a similar shared setup.

On Location: Les Baronnies contains some cadence changes without any notification. Is this intentional?

I had a short look at the sufferfest videos. What happened to the intro? The original intro music and video gave me goosebumps almost immediately. This new one made me looking for a way to skip it as soon as possible! Please, please, please bring back the original sufferfest intro and get rid of this soulless thing!


Feedback :wave:: When choosing a training plan, the option to have a training plan with outdoor rides during the weekend is no longer available. Will this training option be made available again?

I am just started two weeks into ex-SUF training plan with outdoor rides so not affected at the moment. Hope the training plan with outdoor weekend rides be reinstated.

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As mentioned above , this covered in the DC Rainmaker article on Systm in the coming soon section

As noted earlier, there’s no outside rides today. There are outside runs, yes, but no outside equivalents to any of the workouts. Given it’s designed to be a comprehensive training platform, Wahoo says they understand the need/desire to eventually ride a bike outside. By the end of the year you’ll start to see outside rides within the app (so basically, structured workouts designed for outside).

There is a new update on the android app with calendar improvements.


I really feel that the minions should share a upcoming features / roadmap, several people have asked several times about features, and there are posts here to indicate

(features that I’ve seen … confirmation that they are being worked on)

  1. Outdoor rides
  2. Ride Diagnostics (Passport)
  3. Custom Workouts
  4. Workout alternatives

All sounds realy good … but it would be noce to have some sort of place that would stop people asking


Thanks a lot for the Information @Sir_SimonF !
Sadly the drawback of the kickr bike not being able to do more than 130rpm is neither mentioned in the official handbook https://de-eu.wahoofitness.com/media/wysiwyg/instructions/kickrbike/Wahoo_KICKRbike_QSG_5x8_Rd11.pdf nor anywhere on the wahoo page Anleitung | Wahoo KICKR BIKE | Wahoo Fitness EU.

Yeah, it’s a really bad down side in my opinion.
And the really, really bad thing is that Wahoo doesn’t mention it ANYWHERE !!!

scroll down to the bottom.

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thanks! what`s nice is the workout just keeps running even if the videos are buffering. now will need to figure out how to use level mode even more as erg mode has killed my shifting senses :slight_smile:

I gave the new app a try last evening. The transition to the new app was smooth as an old trainer tire. Searching for workouts is much easier and faster now. This is a much needed update.
I am looking forward to the new content.
Change is good. Change is growth. Having done some preliminary exploring around the new app, I really don’t understand some of the crybaby outrage I’m seeing on FB. This is definitely an improvement. …and I think the new name is fine. It fits the branding of the rest of the ecosystem. When I want my friends and coworkers to think I’m a super athlete (cough cough), I’ll still say I did a Sufferfest workout.
Thank you to the whole team who put this together.