An uphill battle

Just focus on the half that’s easy :wink:


OH MAN! Thanks for linking this, I had never heard of it, I just checked it out and I love it. But yeah, SYSTM data is kinda useless for this, but still very cool!

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Thank you coach Andy. I now have a scientific study to justify the kickr climb I bought a few months ago!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was wondering the other day who does the filming in ‘On Location’. Seen a shadow a few times and it looks like someone on a bike? @michael.cotty

Good spot Sir Simon. We had a second rider (aka ‘the shadow’ :sweat_smile:) to support with capturing the goodness to bring it to you in all its glory. I hope you’re enjoying the videos!! :v:t2:




That explains it Sir Mike. Perhaps ‘A week with’ in the planning stages? and include how a video is made and outtakes?

If you watch, in the “A week with Neal Henderson” videos, you can actually see the cameraman a few times in (I think) Superflag. While they are clearly not “going for it”, it’s still quite impressive to keep up and get good content while carrying that camera.

Cameraman deserves independent recognition! :smiley:


Do you have a crystal ball I wonder? :crystal_ball::thinking:




See? I knew this would happen. I knew Mike would get on here and see this. Nothing but love and respect, :cow::bell: man!

I’ll just refer you back to this:


:joy: definitely! It was so weird having my bike move underneath me. At least on the road, the pavement is always the same distance away.

Takes some getting used to, that’s for sure. Great review!

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@Jon Yeah - I saw that too. I would imagine that he is on an e-bike given the weight of the equipment and the pace of the rest of the group.


So update - and crosspost to feature request - I know this is probably a dumb ask, but it bothers me that my Kickr Climb doesn’t respond to grade changes in LEVEL modes.

I frequently ride workouts in LEVEL mode, for any number of reasons most on here are familiar with: cadence and power practice, overcoming ERG lag, pedal stroke, etc. But when I work in LEVEL mode, the Climb isn’t getting any commands from the smart trainer, so essentially locks out.

I know, I know. It’s obvious from a programming and systems standpoint why it doesn’t: LEVEL is basically “manual mode” in SUFF/SYSTM, and the power curves input for levels somewhat mimic grade changes anyway. So if the smart trainer isn’t doing any work, why should it send app commands to the Climb?

But for practical purposes, the Climb is mostly about “feel”, and divorced from the power curves generated in LEVEL. So from a rider “feel” perspective, it would be nice to be able to experience the “climbing” aesthetic while also using LEVEL modes.

Would think it a relatively minor tweak of the API to modify control functions, and the Climb comes with a manual lockout anyway if I didn’t want to use the LEVEL/Climb funcionality.

TL;DR - could Wahoo tweak the SYSTM API so that the smart trainer continues to send grade variance instructions to the Kickr Climb while riding in LEVEL mode?

Please? :pleading_face:


Oh wow, it doesn’t change the elevation in level mode? I didn’t know that.

That can’t be the case in Zwift/Rouvy, surely?

I don’t have Climb, but I’m considering it. This really surprised me though.

Plus one.

When in Zwift, you would select their trainer control and your Climb will work and your trainer will respond to gradient changes. If you deselect that and record only the power from your Kickr then the Climb will not respond to gradient changes.

Similarly, if you are in workout mode in Zwift, I also am pretty sure the Climb is not responding to gradient changes at least that used to be the case.

Got it. Interesting, thanks.

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I’ve done SUF workouts while getting XP in Zwift so the Kickr and Climb respond to commands from SYSTM but is acting as a dumb trainer on Z

Especially when they do the threshold session at the end, must be on an EBike for that either that or it’s @michael.cotty twin

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