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What if the rider went off course, had to turn around and chase back the peloton? Would you like that scenario ?


I’ve a funny feeling this came about because when I was doing the 9 Hammers last night it happened to Cadel Evans of BMC one rider stopped his bike was no use then another stopped and I think they swapped wheels and either 2/3 of them then had to try to get him back up to the front, weird that.

I remember that happening this year three times one where one rider went up someone’s driveway lol and another where about 6/8 of them took the wrong turn, in fact I remember it happened to Remco Evenepoel not so long ago on one of the stage races I think mighta been the Benelux Tour where it looked like a comedy clip everyone turned right and he kept going straight on. I think @Francois-Wahoo if your chasing to get back up to the pack it wouldn’t matter if it was a mechanical a flat or a wrong turn

How about a little more liberal use of the Pro’s power HUD?

I want to know how much more I need to kick my A to get sort of semi amateur far from pro🤣

Demoralization fuels my hate fire.