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To update you all, I have everything paired except the heart rate monitor. So one last question - where in systm can I find my paired devices? Thanks again.


Hi @GEM as far as I know you can only find your paired devices when you go to do a cycling workout and they should all be listed under the Devices tab on the top right. I don’t think you can see them anywhere else in the app.

I’d share a screen shot if I was at a computer, but I’m not.

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right of the system display after you start a workout. (Yes—you have to start the workout first—although you can pause while you set things up.)

  2. If you aren’t already there, click to get on the Devices tab.

  3. You’ll see a button called “Add Devices”. Click that. Make sure your TICKR is on and you’ll see it show up. I can’t remember what you click next, but recall it being obvious.

  4. Close the settings window and enjoy.

You only have to do this process once (unless you use more than one computer/tablet to run SYSTM). Although I often check the device tab when I start a workout to make sure everything is set right.

Doesn’t SYSTM save them and automatically connect the one you are using? I have several sensors that I switch about, but I never have to reconnect. I just have select which one drives which metric in the couple cases where metrics are doubled up.

so now I’m confused. Did what you said and ta da…there’s the HRM online. Argh. Try another workout tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks.

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So what was the problem? Did you see it listed under Devices but not get a heart rate reading? If that’s what happened, there are usually three causes:

  1. The little heart shaped thing in the HRM “box” is hollow instead of solid. If you look at the KICKR transmits several metrics and there’s an icon for each one).

  2. Another device (your headset, your phone, etc) is competing for the TICKR Bluetooth connection. Turn those off. Also, make sure you didn’t connect your HRM to your computer or tablets Bluetooth directly. If you did, forget the device. Only connect through SYSTM.

  3. Your HRM is working. Test it in a different device to make sure. Then fully quit the app you tested it on (to avoid issue 2).

Hopefully one of those ideas helps.

No now maybe it’s because it’s a Polar Device, most times not all I also have to connect my Tacx Neo 2 as well maybe it’s different for other users with the same devices as myself. When it was The Sufferfest app I also had to add them each workout.

Glad it worked but like @AkaPete says I don’t understand why your confused now. Is something else now not working ?

Weird. I have both yahoo and non Wahoo devices that SYSTM remembers. I wonder why the difference.

I always get the message Tacx Neo 2 and Polar connecting but very rarely do they connect, I have to remove them and then add them again like if they have remembered them but for some reason they just won’t reconnect as usually they should connect immediately but usually I just get the endless spinning circle of reconnecting but it never does.

How annoying! I remember with one device I had that this sometimes happened. It was because the device never “released” it’s prior connection. Do you unplug your Neo between workouts? Do you fully quit SYSTM between workouts? I wonder if that would help (probably not).

Me thinks I’m golden. Yes, I had too many bluetooth connection running. They’re all shut down except Systm. Thanks again everyone! Cheers.