3 November “D-Day”

Failed attempt. Gonna have another go in about two weeks.


:disappointed: I haven’t tried yet, but plan to in March (on my 58th birthday) if an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction (all four) doesn’t set me back too far.

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It was weird — my legs felt more tired during the first two videos at 80% than they would have normally at 100% on those videos. Worked through it but eventually caved at my seventh.

Some solid take aways for me:

Use your breaks wisely. I stupidly didn’t really rest much until after my third, and even then, only did for like five mins or so. I typically don’t like stopping to much when I ride (the psychological break tends to do more harm than good for me), especially outside, and typically don’t have much issue when I do a long workout of three or four videos with minimal breaks between (mostly just ending the workout and starting a new video). This to say, however, after my sixth, I laid down and felt the blood run throughout my body. That was my sign that I should have been wiser all along the way…. Felt great afterward, but still soon after broke.

I didn’t sleep terribly the night before but I remember waking up a couple of times, probably in part due to nervousness or something. Definitely try to get a solid night of sleep.

I attempted all at 80%. I think next go I’ll be a little more liberal in this regard, maybe doing 3 at 80%, 3 at 75%, and the last 4 at 70%?

Probably no brainers, but thought I’d share.


A valiant attempt. We’ll see you inside the gates soon enough.

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Solid effort. Solid lessons. Fwiw, I started at around 75% and by my final vid (Revolver) there were big chunks of it at 60% and it was all I could do just to turn the pedals.

You’ll get it next time. There’s plenty o room in the castle.


Thanks for the encouragement!

I can’t imagine ending on Revolver. :joy:

Feel like I may have had too many climbing ones… going to go back to the drawing board as far as what videos make the cut next time.


Valiant attempt as has been said. Sounds like you’ve already got a lot out of it and logged changes for next time.

FWIW I went with 70% start to finish (initial thought was I’d dial up last few if I felt great. Ha!). In the Prep plan I landed up wrecking myself on one of the multi-workout days because I dialled down too late. Barely finished at ~60% … and that was less than half the workouts and time for the Quest. Hence the 70%.

You’ll nail it next time!


Same here - When I dialled the sessions down I ticked the box to not dial down the recovery sections. By session 7 I had to untick that box and also reduce the recovery sections. I guess that’s where my 4DP weakness (sustained) started showing…

Good luck @mserge - you’ll nail it next time!

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I hope so!

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Thank you!

As a recently admitted vassal to the kingdom, you have my great respect, even if your attempt was aborted. May I also one day ascend to such noble heights of knighthood. You’ll crush it next time!


I hope so…

The MTP says you WILL crush it next time. :slight_smile: :muscle:


Like @Glen.Coutts said, start a little low. You can always increase but if you try to stay at 80%, you might be going just a little TOO hard. Remember, the goal is 100% SUFFERING. Not how much effort you put in, but if you feel you went too easy, you can always have a do over.


:100: agree.

I started mine at 80% for the first 3 (including 9H). #MoreThanYou But seriously, I ended up with knee pain after the 6th video and I finished anyway. My gift from Grunter was tendonitis that kept me from riding for about 2 months. So, yeah, I’d suggest you start lower on your next try. Even 75% makes a big difference. And then don’t be afraid to lower it down as you go. You don’t get points for doing it harder than anyone else. Only pain and more suffering. And usually the wrong kind of pain and suffering.




Standard Sufferlandrian greeting.

The Sufferlandrian national greeting is: ‘Have you suffered today?’
And the answer is: ‘More than you.’


:joy: didn’t put 2 and 2 together.


After that much suffering, I don’t blame you… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: